Mono-eating diet – the dangerous dieting method which has higher record of rebound.

Mono-eating diet was in fashion in the past.

Just keep eating only one thing, such as apples, bananas, boiled eggs, or grape fruits etc., for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even though you suffer from dried skin, one week of constipation or feel dizzy every time you stand up, you just have to keep eating one kind of ingredient.

Even your body odor has become like a banana, or you suffer from nightmares in which you scream like “OMG! I have eaten meat and rice!”

And one day, you will be fed up with this mono-eating diet method and eat excess amount of food, and as a consequence, you will gain even more weight than when you started dieting.

Nowadays, people are well aware of the deficiency caused by the mono-eating diet, how dangerous it is and how easily you put buck your weight on.

But in those days, the designated ingredients were gone from the super markets’ shelves. I think popularity is sometimes scary.


No continuous dieting efforts will lead you nowhere.

Eat-or-nothing style dieting is only suitable for person who is really stoic. Restricting carbohydrate or sugar intake, or increasing vegetable consumption are reasonable, but detailed calorie calculation or ingredient replacement are not for everyone.

Next method that comes up to your mind will be doing exercises. It’s good for health but also requires continuous commitment. Otherwise, your hard work will be wasted.


Using time for exercises and keeping being motivated are hard!

Many of those who want to lose weight want to get the result as quickly and easily as possible. Losing over a few kilograms of fat is in nowhere easy, but those who have failed the dietary method will try to do exercises in a reckless manner.

Sonner or later, they will become mentally tired, have health problems, or get bored and fail the dieting again.

You should count on the exercises as a way to keep you healthy or as an enjoyable hobby if you want to continue them. It’s not possible to lose over a few kilograms within a short period of time unless you are an athlete.

In addition, you need a place and goods for exercises, and going to the gym costs you extra. First of all, you need to use your time for hours every day. In a busy life, I know this isn’t easy.


Muscle training is easier to keep up than exercise.

If you can’t continue to commit dietary or exercise dieting, how about trying muscle trainings? The calorie consumption of muscles is far bigger than you may think, and you just need to do it for a few minutes while watching TV.

First of all, if you conduct muscle trainings properly, you can get a good-shaped body and you may no longer care about your weight. A few minutes of muscle trainings doesn’t make female body masculine, but tightens the body partially where desirable. You should try it before the lightly dressed season arrives.


Adding lymph stretching will enhance the effect of muscle training!

I will skip introducing the methods of muscle trainings as you can find many of them online or in magazines. I would rather want to introduce particularly for female readers about lymph stretching method that will enhance the effect of muscle training.

Lymph gets rid of body wastes, so improving this function is a key to lose weight beautifully.

For example, bringing both legs up together, then straining the abdominal muscles while opening and closing your legs. Training thighs or the back muscles while stretching tendons of the back of knees.

Compare with regular exercises, this training gives you a feeling of comfortable pain, warms your body up, and you will feel refreshed a lot after. If you continue this, you will be able to feel the improvement on your skin condition.

Getting rid of body waste is maybe the quickest approach to losing weight.

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