Summer – the time we face the reality of our weight gain

When the temperature rises and we become lightly dressed, the unwanted fat that have been hidden underneath clothes becomes obvious.

I assume many of you had been avoiding to face the reality until the summer arrived and found yourself in the situation where you would say “Oh no! Have I got this much fat?”

Then you may start dieting, but unlike in your early 20’s, it’s tough to lose weight as you get older.

Pushing yourself hard now will take you much longer to heal. It will cause several damages to your daily life, for example, making your cheeks sunken and making you look even older. Losing weight is not so easy to middle-aged folks.

Let’s forget about gaining a quick result but committing to dietary management and appropriate exercising instead. This will be a short-cut to losing weight in the end.


The facts of oil free dressings on the market.

People who are on a diet usually try to eat a lot of vegetables as they are low in calories and also filling, and at the same time many use oil free dressings that are low in calories.

Fresh vegetables are rich in enzymes and vitamins, so eating them is highly recommended, however, with oil free dressings, the contained vitamins are poorly absorbed.

Furthermore, many commercial dressings contain a lot of salt and sugar to create rich flavor. Therefore, using oil free dressings is not always healthy.


Make nutrient-absorbing efficient dressings at home!

So, I recommend you to make homemade dressings.

You can control contained calories by measuring the amount of oil and sugar. In addition, using enzymes & vitamins abundant vegetables and fruits as the dressing ingredients makes the dressings even healthier.

It supports digestion, so the metabolic composition products piled up in the body will be clearly discharged.

Well, didn’t you just think making homemade dressing is too much trouble, did you?

No worries! It’s all but mixing all the ingredients. It’s a pretty easy task.


Take more enzymes and vitamins when dieting!

“Kiwi dressing” is one of the most recommended dressing recipes.

Many tropical fruits are rich in enzymes and vitamin C, therefore, those who want to get a fair skin or dissolve constipation must take them.

Making it is very simple and easy!

Cut a pealed kiwi into small pieces, and add some olive oil, salt and black pepper to it. When the taste is too sour, add a small amount of sugar and honey, and then mix them. That’s it!

You can use other tropical fruits such as bananas, avocados and mangos as alternatives.

Eating enzyme-rich cabbages, carrots or celeries helps you to keep a good skin condition and have regular bowel motions.

Furthermore, tomatoes, one of the major summer green and yellow vegetables, are considered as good anti-aging foods as they are rich in “lycopene” which effectively reduces active oxygen in our body. In addition, tomatoes are rich in protein and have an effect on reducing blood sugar level, it’s recommended to eat them before meals to improve the dieting effects.


The dressing recipes for think-taste lovers.

Next, I would like to introduce you a recipe which is similar to the Caesar dressing.

Using yogurt makes the dressing taste rich in flavor and reduces its calories a lot. The lactic acid contained in yogurt supports you to have regular bowel motions as well.
The ingredients are 6 table spoons of plain yogurt, 1 table spoon of vinegar, a little amount of salt and pepper, 1 tea spoon of grated garlic, 1 tea spoon of sugar and a moderate amount of olive oil.
Just mix up all the ingredients and pour it onto your favorite fresh vegetables.

Tyr creating your original dressing recipes when you have become tired of eating salads all the time while dieting. This may reignite your motivation toward dieting and keep you going until you get a successful result!


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