I know a woman who calls herself as a “constant dieter” even she is not so big.

I have had some opportunities to go out for business dinners or have meetings with her, and I have seen her saying “I’m sorry but I’m on a diet.” and didn’t take offered foods or drinks many times.

For a few years, she kept saying “I’m on a diet”, and I kept telling her she didn’t need to lose weight. And she always replied as “I get fat easily when I’m not careful with my diet” with smile on her face.

This is a rather common conversation people have, but in other words, the person who claims that she or he is a constant dieter, has never been successful in her or his dieting.
I guess she wasn’t really intending to lose weight but just careful with her diet or exercises.

I am a man, but as my job is related to beauty and health issues, I tend to be very curious about things related to “dieting”. I can’t stop myself from asking people about their dieting methods when I meet constant dieters.

Is your dieting method really working?


Basic elements of dieting are exercising and dietary restrictions.

There is no need to mention about this now but the basic elements of dieting are exercising and food restrictions.

Seriously speaking, if we take calories less than we consume a day, we certainly lose weight. But this is not so easy!

In the early stage of dieting, you may temporally gain weight in the process of burning fat as muscles are heavier than fat, but once your body has become fat-burning-efficient, you will lose both weight and internal fat quickly.

Aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging or swimming, are considered as good dieting exercises because they effectively burn fat.

In order to keep a good proportion, you should also try stretching, yoga or muscle trainings.

However, many people feel frustrated when their serious commitments to their dieting don’t bring successful results soon. In this case, I recommend them to start with improving their body constitution.

As I’ve mentioned about it many times, enzymes work to increase the number of lactic acid in the intestines. Lactic acid is a good bacteria, which activates intestines’ activities and clean up the intestines as well.

It means, eating a good amount of enzyme-rich foods helps your intestines to discharge body waste efficiently. As a result, your intestinal environment will be improved and this supports disease prevention.


The power of enzymes is the key to a successful dieting!

Many people think dieting means dietary restriction. Although, I don’t want you to commit such dieting methods, but if I say it in an extreme manner, if you don’t eat, you don’t gain weight.

To maintain our lives, our bodies consume minimal calories every day and this is called “basal metabolism”. Some claim that “I gain weight even by drinking water!”, but I would like to say it’s not true.

However, eating no food is impossible. This type of dieting methods damage our bodies and you won’t be able to lose weight healthily. I don’t recommend this at all.

On the other hand, dietary restrictions have some issues that it’s hard for the dieters to keep their motivations as they may get bored with tasteless meals or frustrated with small portion diet meals.


Miso soup and enzymes improve dieting efficiency

A traditional Japanese cuisine “miso soup” is what I recommend you to take while you are on a diet.

However, enzymes are weak to heat. Especially the ones related to beauty and health start dying at the temperature of 48℃. Therefore, when making miso soup, be careful not to boil it up. Prepare soup stock in advance, put some fresh miso into the cup, then add some ingredients and pour the soup stock that has been cooled down to below 48℃. This way, you can maximize the power of enzymes.

“Detox water” is another recommendation for dieting. Detox water is a beverage that is made of mineral water with fresh vegetables and fruits pickled for more than 4 hours.

Vitamin C contained in vegetables and fruits is water-soluble, so it’s the nutrient easily taken in. In addition, the enzymes which weak to heat do not die at normal temperature.


A miracle food that has a heat stroke prevention effect and rich in enzymes.

Some time ago, I saw a Nippon TV affiliated TV program called “Sekaiichi uketai jugyo (the world most interesting lecture)”, and a lecturer said cucumber pickles has good heat stroke prevention effect.

Raw cucumber is 90% water, so it can be a good water supply vegetable. In addition, pickled cucumber contains moderate amount of salt. This is why this vegetable was introduced as an effective heat stroke prevention resource on that program.

Furthermore, in 2010, the fact that cucumbers contain a lipolysis enzyme called “phospholipase” was discovered. This is why cucumbers have been in the spotlight as a miracle food.

Take enzymes through foods effectively and lose weight without having any damages on your health!


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