Concentrating on how you breathe will make a difference to the size of your waist.

You may remember that a TV commercial on which an actor Hidekazu Akai was rotated on a stage with an ear-catching “dad-dad, dadad-dad” sound. The gym created the ad has become a social phenomenon, and it has even been on some comedy shows.

A masseuse I have known for a long time told me that the gym promotes extreme methods, such as very strict carbohydrate intake restrictions and extremely tough muscle trainings that convert fat to muscles very quickly. However, keeping the successful diet outcome will cost you money and time. In addition, endless serious commitments can be very stressful.

Slimming a particular body part is considered difficult, but I guess many people would say, they at least want to slim their waist.

Me too, I want get a beautiful-looking belly. I saw a diet-related TV program on which many people were proudly showing off their beautiful abs. It definitely encouraged me.

However, when a trainer says “The basic idea of this method is to continue abdominal muscle trainings”, a word “No way!” may start running around in your head. I understand. So, why don’t you try a method focusing on breathing techniques?

Breathing techniques practiced in Yoga or Pilates are to take a very deep breath. When you practice it on a regular basis, your body condition will be improved.

The important thing is, of course, to continue. If you try, you will realize that it requires more concentration than you think, and you won’t be able to get it done right in the beginning. However, the more you try the better the results will be, so don’t give up!

First, breathe deeply like you do before or after exercises. While breathing, focus on abdominal muscles, then you will feel that those muscles are working hard, probably harder than you think. When practicing, focus more on breathing out than breathing in.

In my case, I had abdominal muscle pain in the beginning. I was a little embarrassed about this fact so didn’t tell anyone about it though.

When you exhale deeply and try to push all the air out of your mouth vigorously, you will feel really tired afterword. I have heard that many who have seriously committed to this method have experienced the same like me.

I recently have fewer chances to shout loudly in the outfield bleachers. When my favorite baseball team was strong, I could naturally do some abdominal muscle trainings through breathing exercises at the right field stand of Mazda stadium. (In those days, I didn’t have any wobbly bits around my belly, actually….well I ran off the topic again.)



Breathing deeply is like a warming-up. On the other hand, Draw-ins is a breathing exercise that gives you a diet results within a short period of time.

First, inhale vigorously. Next, tighten your buttocks in order not to let any oxygen out and stand still. Then, breathe out strongly while forcing your belly inward. Lastly, hold your position for 30 seconds. When 30 seconds is too long for you, you can start with 10 seconds then extend it to 30 seconds.

Do it 10 sets a day, and you will be able to build good abdominal muscles. A tip for success is while exhaling with bringing your stomach in, imagine your back and belly are getting closer, and close enough to stick together. Don’t raise your shoulders, stand straight and relax.

You can do this exercise whenever and wherever possible without any equipment. It’s strongly recommended.

I especially recommend you to do this exercise while walking. Walking is an aerobic exercise that improves your body’s fat-burning efficiency. Therefore, doing this breathing exercise while walking is really efficient. You may find it hard to draw your stomach in while walking in. If so, just concentrating on breathing out. Never mind what people think about you while you are doing this exercise in the streets.

This exercise costs you far less and much easier than “dad-dad, dadad-da” style trainings. Do not pay attention to other people’s eyes and give it a try.


Improve your intestines’ condition is a key to make your belly flat.

Dissolving constipation is a must when you want to slim your waist. Constipation is the enemy of dieting. Having healthy intestinal environment is an important element of dieting, and this will give you good results that even surpasses the hard core exercises. Let’s try to improve your diet little by little.

Specifically, drinking a good amount of water is important to improve your intestinal environment.

In addition, eat fermented foods such as yogurt or natto soy beans, as well as fruits and vegetables that are rich in dietary fibers. Taking these strongly recommended foods for dissolving constipation along with breathing exercises increases the efficiency of dissolving constipation.

As a result, your pot belly will be flattened, and your skin will become radiant. Start it now to get your true beauty.

I don’t deny the successful outcomes “dad-dad, dadad-da” trainings have been providing. But just wanted to let you know that there are other options that give you the same results as “dad-dad, dadad-da” trainings.

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