I have been writing enzyme-related articles over 5 years in my blog “Hama News”.

In those years, “Enzyme Diet” has become widely acknowledged, however, there are still people who haven’t been able to succeed in losing weight by this method.

Considering the time and money used for enzyme diet, I want everyone who have committed this method to succeed in losing weight.

That’s why I, as an enzyme specialist, would like to give you five tips for the enzyme diet.


1. Establish a lifestyle you can consume intake calories.

Don’t close the page yet! You may say it’s obvious. I understand. But as an enzyme specialist, I need to inform you the right dieting method. So, please be patient.

The basic principal of dieting is to restrict the calorie intake and consume the taken calories appropriately. This is why enzyme drinks substitute for food or fasting have become popular.

However, I doubt if people can continue drinking those enzyme beverages or fasting for a long period of time. Diet and life are inseparable. I insist that improving your metabolism is a better dieting method than restricting calorie intake.

Enzymes support digestions and accelerate body waste discharge. Thus, the combination of eating well-balanced meals three times a day, doing good amount of exercises and taking enzyme supplements enables you to increase your calorie consumption to the level that is higher than its intake.

Cleaning inside the body is a secret of beauty but it’s often put off. Things many people tend to put off may have the essential nature of matters.


2. The key to improve your lifestyle is to improve your intestinal environment.

When presenting the formula “Calorie intake >Calorie consumption”, people suddenly imagine doing hard core exercises, but you don’t necessarily make serious commitments to those tough exercises. The more important thing is to make your body fast-fat-burning and improve your metabolism.

Now, I would like to tell you what fast-fat-burning body is. It’s the body condition which intestines can digest food perfectly.

Please note that neither excessive calorie intake restrictions nor committing hard core exercises to increase calorie consumption is necessary. Eating well-balanced meals and digesting them completely are rather important.

Your intestines’ digestive condition determines your diet efficiency. I guess there are people who never get fat around you. Their body conditions are deeply related to their intestines’ digestive conditions. Actually, the digestive conditions and exercise habits are not related. Thus, there actually are people who can hardly lose weight.


3. Choose enzyme products with no heat treatment

I hope you have come to realize the importance of keeping your intestinal environment in good condition.

Now, you have come to the point to choose good enzyme products. The very important thing here is to choose the ones that have received no heat treatment during the manufactural process as enzymes start dying at the temperature of 48℃. Otherwise, you may not be able to get a successful dieting result.

When talking about enzyme dieting, taking substitute meals or fasting are often become the main topic because of this.

I have mentioned in my blog “Changing your eating style for efficient dieting! 3 tips to get a fast metabolism”, our bodies are made of what we eat. Therefore, our diet and lifestyle habits are the things that should be changed.
If you would like to get fast-metabolism, forget about the theories which insist losing weight by only taking enzymes. Enzymes are your supporters for improving your lifestyle habits.

When enzymes are short in your body, however hard you make efforts, it takes time to improve the quality of your lifestyle habits. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to choose the right enzyme products.


4. In addition to enzymes, take other necessary nutrients

The more people become serious about improving their lifestyle habits, the more they become curious about other necessary nutrients. As an enzyme specialist, I shall respond to their questions.

As I have worked at a trading company and an herbal medicine drug store, I have had many opportunities to try supplements both foreign and domestic. You can call me a supplement geek.

Of course, I can provide information of the supplements I am currently taking, but some are imported ones, so I will start with explaining about essential element of supplements.

Again, what you need is to improve your intestinal environment. Not only for dieting, while the intestinal conditions are low, no supplements will work efficiently. (However, I have been concerned about the fact for a long time that many people start trying with multi vitamin supplements.)

So, let me introduce you about the precise nutrients.

・Enzymes derived from Koji mold
・B Vitamins
・Lactic acid
・Water soluble dietary fiber
・Insoluble dietary fiber


5. Continue the effort at least for three months

I’m prepared to be criticized as it’s a pump and dump, but still suggest you to keep taking the supplement you have chosen for three months.

It takes at least three months to normalize intestinal environment that has been bearing the hard work. This shows how severely the intestines of people in modern age are damaged.

It takes 90 days a human cell to be replaced. Naturally, our body conditions do not change suddenly. Therefore, there is no need to be in a hurry.

Of course, I understand you want to lose weight as quickly as possible. And this is why easy dieting methods by the use of substitute meals or fisting become popular.

However, the dieting methods that may damage your health are not appropriate. Furthermore, when methods give you a sudden weight loss, the results will usually don’t last for long.

The answer is, there is no other way than improving your lifestyle habits even it takes time or troublesome. I enjoy swimming everyday as a hobby, but you don’t need to be so strict. Just try to find the suitable amount of diet and exercises. Once you have become used to it, it will be your routine.



In this article, I have introduced five tips for enzyme dieting.
Let me confirm them again.

1. Establish a lifestyle you can consume intake calories.

2. The key to improve your lifestyle is to improve your intestinal environment.

3. Choose enzyme supplements with no heat treatments.

4. In addition to enzymes, take other necessary nutrients.

5. Continue the effort for at least three months.

By the way, do you know there is a wonderful enzyme supplement that is derived from koji mold which receives no heat treatment?

In addition, as this supplement contains a good amount of lactic acid and dietary fibers, this makes it even more contributable to a successful weight loss. A person who is trying to improve essential lifestyle habits like you, this is a very unique supplement.

Do you want to know the name of the supplement?

Yes, of course.
This is our “Nakakirei Enzyme”!

To readers, I wish you success in your dieting!


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