“Hi, there! I’m going to introduce a miracle diet item today! Are you ready to take a note?”
“Hi, Johnny! You look fit today as always. By the way, what are you holding?”
“Hey, Stephany! You look gorgeous as always. Oh, I would like to introduce this item to women, especially beautiful women like you!”

When turning on the TV in the middle of the night, have you ever encountered with foreign home shopping programs which are hosted by highly enthusiastic people?

When I came home in the middle of the night the other day, I sneaked into our living room in order not to wake my family up and waited for a while to make myself a little sober. When I turned on the TV, that kind of foreign home shopping program was on.

“Wow! That’s it!? Can I get a wonderful body shape with this little effort! How wonderful!”

The sounds came out from the TV were the mixture of original English and interpreted Japanese. I was talking to the TV and said “Why don’t you chose one of those!?” while watching.

Then my voice accidentally woke up my family and I was, of course, told to be quiet coldly.

By the way, I have heard that women have little hesitation for purchasing diet items.

There are various types of home shopping diet items available. Exercise machines and facial devices were the center of attention once, but now, they are replaced by supplements or diet items. You can find variety of items online now a days.

But wait a second! You can get valuable information on diet for free now! Try it before purchasing the diet item!

Are ready to take a note?


Eat three meals a day, regularly

Dietary restriction is the basic strategy to lose weight

“Well, well, well. That’s something everybody knows, isn’t that?”

Hey, you! Yes, it’s you right there!

What I’m saying is “eating three meals regularly”. This is the principle of my diet method.

There is a word “one soup and three side dishes” in Japan. It means take one soup and three side dishes at a meal. This type of meal is considered well-balanced. When visualizing the meal – a bowl of white rice, a cup of miso soup, the main dish consisted of meat or fish, and two other small dishes – it’s easy to imagine how well-balance it is.

However, some dieters say “I gain weight by drinking water! If I eat, I will gain it even more!

The reality is, there are cases that the cause of weight gain may be related to shortage of nutrients.

When necessary nutrients are short in our bodies, the brain sends alert signals and orders to store nutrients. As a result, our bodies accumulate nutrients and we hardly lose weight even we don’t eat much.


Improving metabolism by drinking good quality water

Have you ever carefully thought about beverages you usually drink?

It is said that we should drink two litters of water a day to maintain our lives. It’s the same amount of a big plastic bottle.

You may think it’s difficult to drink that much water, however, this is a total amount of recommended consumption a day. If you eat a cup of soup at every meal, you are able to drink 600ml of water.

Then, you only have the amount of two 500ml bottles to go. I guess you actually drink that amount every day. The important thing is the quality. The quality is more important than the amount. If the entire two litters of water contains sugar, you can’t lose weight.

For example, some of decaf herbal teas have effects on alleviating stresses during the diet, and hard mineral water contains good quality of minerals that support dieting.

You can improve your metabolism by selecting good quality beverages.


Burn fat by regular walking exercises

Exercises are necessary when you want to lose weight.

Moreover, appropriate amount of exercises are essential to maintain our health. Our bodies can function well when the quantity of fat and muscles are well-balanced.

For example, if leg muscles are weakened, the posture of sitting on the floor will become bad. If the abdominal muscles are weakened, you will have difficulties in straining on stool. Organs and muscles are closely related.

Regular walking exercises increase the quantity of muscles that are necessary for us to maintain our healthy lives. The exercises also accelerate burning body fat. Let’s try it.

Aerobic exercises such as walking is the most effective to burn fat. You can also get rid of stresses by moving your body!

How was it?

Just being cautious about these three things in your daily life, you can get fast metabolism.
Before purchasing the expensive diet items, just try a little to change your life style! From today, you can get a fantastic body and stay positive.

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