What is a “meat-eating-diet”?

It has been a few months since the terms “herbivorous boys” and “carnivorous boys” appered.
Now, a dream diet method for meat-loving girls has been introduced.

Does “meat-loving girls” mean the women who aggressively engage in romantic relationships?

Not in this article. The term “meat-loving girls” I am talking about now is the women who enjoy delicious meat dishes.

Doing exercises regularly and restricting intake calories in order to lose weight is not so easy. In Japanese, extra fat or flab are called as “zei-niku” which literary means a luxurious meat. So, your flab has been created as a result of your luxurious lifestyle.

While on a diet, we eat oil-free food, namely salad. Even we change its recipe every day, we will soon become fed up with it. Especially for meat-loving girls, it would be a torture.

But now a new diet method that is totally opposite to existing diet theories called “meat-eating diet” has been introduced.

To those who thinks the reason of your weight gain is the result of eating too much meat, this is good news. And it’s even better you can eat as much meat as you want to.

You may have tried “eat-apple-only diet” or “eat-kojac-only diet” in the past, but this “meat-eating diet” sounds totally different, does it?


Follow the specific rules when you start meat-eating diet

Of course, there is specific rules to make your meat-eating diet successful. If you just eat as much meat as you want, you definitely will gain weight.

To get a successful result, you need to be careful with what kind of meat you eat and how you eat it.

First of all, avoid eating fat as much as possible. When you choose chicken, choose tender or breast meats. When you want to eat a beef steak, eat the red meat but not the fat. It’s going to be expensive but the good quality beef tastes beautiful without fat.

Secondly, reduce the consumption amount of carbohydrate and vegetables as the same amount as you eat meat. To put it simply, the “meat-eating diet” is to reduce the sugar intake.

You may say “Don’t we need to eat vegetables?” When eating vegetables, eat leaves and avoid root vegetables. Root vegetables are rich in sugar in fact.

How about fruits? Fruits also are rich in sugar, so you had better to reduce the amount of intake.

Vitamin C is necessary for maintaining a fair skin. Eat liver instead of fruits, however, do not eat excessive amount as it’s rich in iron but difficult to digest.

Furthermore, you should be careful with what seasonings you use. Avoid using sugar-rich seasonings, such as sugar itself and mirin (sweet sake) etc. Flour and bread crumb are also rich in sugar.


The reason why eating meat can be a diet method

Humans gain weight when we eat excessive amount of sugar. Sugar is an essential nutrient as it’s used as energy in our bodies, but taking excessive amount is bad.

That is why the “meat” has been introduced as a good dieting ingredient. Reduce the amount of rice intake, and replace it to the meat.

You may think “Can meat be a staple food?” but by eating meat, the sugar intake will be reduced and as a consequence, the body fat will be consumed. When the body fat is reduced, the metabolism improved, then you will get a fast-fat-burning body.

Ladies who love meat dishes, meat is not the enemy of your diet, but a great supporter that reduces sugar intake.

Having said that when considering the health and beauty, it’s better to eat low-sugar vegetables and fruits together with meat. A meat-center diet can be a burden to your intestines as it’s hard to digest.

The same applies to all dieting methods. Eating excessive amount of food is no way good.

If your stomach feels heavy after eating meat, try our proud enzyme supplement. Take it before or with meals, then you will be free from having an upset stomach.

Enjoy your diet!


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