I would like to talk about “intestines” for the first time in a while.

I am an enzyme specialist, health fanatic, and baseball fan. And I think I am a fit and stylish middle aged man : ) But as I have an experience of gaining 20 kg in the past, I have a word to tell people those who want to lose weight successfully!

Improve your intestinal environment.

I think many dieters who are trying to do some exercises or reduce the calorie intake can’t feel that their diet efforts are actually working.

There are various reasons that most diet efforts end in failure, but in many cases, people who have ill-balanced numbers of good and bad intestinal bacteria do not feel quick diet effects.

Therefore, I tell you this over and over again.


Dreams will come true.

Yes, your dreams and wishes will come true! To get a successful diet result, improve your intestinal environment now.


Intestines are in crises especially in winter!

What do you imagine when you hear the word “winter”?
Year-end parties, Christmas, New Year, and the cutting of a New Year’s rice cake etc. There are many cheerful food-related events in winter.
This means, you may have more chances to eat excessive amount of food, or enjoy yummy-looking deep-fried food. In additions, you may have more chances to enjoy beer, wine or sake at parties.

You may think the same things happen regardless of all four seasons (well, having too many parties doesn’t sound good for health thought), but especially in winter, your intestines will be put extra burden by these life styles.

A reason lies in a famous winter dish “Nabe” – heated pot dishes with various ingredients.

Eating delicious warm pot dish and drinking nicely chilled beer in a heated room is such a precious winter treat. Your body won’t feel any coldness.

This looks familiar at year-end parties. When eating warm dishes with chilled drinks, your stomach and intestines get irritated and are overloaded. In addition, moving heated places to cold places can be a burden to your body, too.

Under such circumstances, human bodies feel stresses, and as result, we may have an acute stomach ache or intestinal problems. If this continues, our intestinal environment will worsen and the metabolism becomes slower.


Take lactic acid bacteria together with oligosaccharide

Lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharide are strong supporters to your intestines.

There are indigenous bacteria called good intestinal bacteria in our intestines that normalize intestinal environment. On the contrary, there are bad intestinal bacteria that harm our health.

It is widely acknowledged that new born babies only have good intestinal bacteria but lifestyle and dietary habits effect the growth of bad intestinal bacteria. I wish I could get the new born baby like pure intestines back.
As long as the balance between good intestinal bacteria and bad intestinal bacteria is fair, that doesn’t harm our health seriously. Of course, having more good intestinal bacteria improves the intestinal environment. So, let’s take effective measurements to increase them!

Then there appears lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharide. Because these two are food for good intestinal bacteria.


What should I take to lose weight and normalize our intestinal environment?

I think improving the intestinal environment is a short cut to the successful diet. In my previous blog I have mentioned that having ill-balanced intestinal bacteria doesn’t support your efficient weight-loss and your efforts can be “pointless”.

Avoid pointless diet method! No goodintestinal environment, No successful diet!

So, what should we eat to deliver lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharide directly to the intestines as well as alleviate hunger?

I recommend you to eat “Yogurt”.

Some yogurts are certified as “specific health food” and the lactic acid bacteria in those yogurts are expected to be delivered directly to the intestines. They are highly nutritious and have an excellent effect on normalizing your intestinal environment.

Usually we eat chilled yogurt, but you can also microwave it to warm up a little.

It accelerates calcium absorption and improves your metabolism. However, the lactic acid bacteria will die out when you heat them up too much, so please avoid giving them excessive heat.


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