New Year’s Day is the day for making plans for the coming year. What do you wish for at the beginning of the year?

For me, “a perfect state of health” comes first. First and far most, the health is most important!
I wish for a healthy life and continue making effort to be the man I want to be.

However, the New Year is the best time for alcohol lovers. There are gorgeous New Year special dishes and hors d’oeuvres on the table – the time we can enjoy a bacchanalia.
Then after all, you may have to worry about your weight gain.

As I have a tendency to get carried away easily, every year, I have difficulties with controlling my weight during the New Year.

I guess many people pledge “I will make my diet a success this year!”, and the pledge already fails during the New Year!

Well, does this sound familiar to you, too?

But, you have good news! In this article, I’m going to tell you three rules to avoid New Year’s resolution failure.


Do muscle training and lymph stretching!

Nomore failed diet! Combination of muscle training and lymph stretching makes areliable dieting method!

Many unique diet methods have been introduced and gone. For example, “mono-eating diet” and “sleeping diet items” were among those that were gone. And looking back, some even can harm our health.

In my opinion, we should eat regularly and take enough nutrition, then burn the intake calories by doing exercise. Therefore, I go swimming regularly to maintain my health.

However, I understand that some of you are too busy and don’t have time to go to the gym.

Then I recommend you to do muscle training and lymph stretching wherever you can.

By doing exercises, your body burns fat and convert the fat to muscles. By stretching, your body can discharge body waste smoothly. Stretching the lymph feels really good too. Let’s try!


Do stretching before going to bed!

Stretch before going to bed gives you a good dieting result and a good night sleep!

Stretching is an essential method for successful weight loss, but what is the best time of the day to do it?

In “Hama News”, we recommend you to do some easy and light stretching before going to bed.

– Stretch lightly before going to bed.
– Have a good night’s sleep.

Just following the above two things, you can improve your enzyme activities, and first and far most, sleeping well makes you feel good!
If you have difficulty sleeping, do stretching before going to bed.

Sleeping is very important to your health!


Change your physical constitution!

There is no easy way, but 3 tips you can get hardly-get-fat physical constitution

I had hard time losing weight in the past, so I can tell you it’s not easy!

That’s why I saw the light when I got to know how to improve my psychical constitution even it’s not so quick and easy.

Get good knowledge on how to improve your physical constitution and get a naturally slim body!


”Little and often fills the purse”

This time, I have introduced three rules for the successful weight loss.

“Little and often fills the purse” is the most important point I wanted to tell you.
You can’t get a successful diet result in a day so as beauty.

Small daily effort makes a big difference in the future. I wish for your health and beauty. May this year be another good one.


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