Moderate amount of exercise and dietary restriction are essential to weight loss. But, I know “dietary restriction” sounds tough.

To maintain our health, we need to take necessary nutrients. In other words, be moderate in eating. The dietary lifestyle that suits you the most is essential to your successful dieting.

However, humans are greedy.

We want to eat delicious or favorite foods heartily, and want to drink tasty alcoholic beverages occasionally. In addition, some of us prefer to eat out sometimes for a change as cooking every day is troublesome.

I guess you have come to realize how greedy I am.

In general, it is believed that eating out is bad for dieting, but it’s not always true. Once you have got good knowledge on how to choose your meals, even eating out can be your weight loss supporter. This time, I’m going to teach you how to choose diet-friendly menus when eating out.

Don’t hesitate to eat out while on a diet!
Let’s enjoy eating out for a change sometimes.

All you need are money and self-control.
Well, but the self-control may be the key.


Is this salad really healthy?

In “Hama News”, I have told you that I was chubby when I was young. Well, honestly and correctly speaking, I was fat.

Even though I was a fat man, I made rules to restrict my diet when eating out. For example, when eating ramen noodles, I didn’t drink up the soup etc.

I also always ordered salads when eating out. Well, it was because “eating salads is good for health” sounded right.

Of course, vegetables are rich in various nutrients and body-friendly. I do recommend you to eat a lot of vegetables but dressings used to season the vegetables with can be an obstacle to your diet. When eating out, you can’t always choose dressings.

For instance, Caesar salad, a popular salad among women, contains a rich creamy dressing. It’s also topped with grated cheese and crispy fried bacon – rich in fat and calories, not a diet-friendly meal.

However, when eating out, our diet can be short of vegetables, so I strongly recommend you to eat salads. Pleases have them with dressings that are low in calories and fat.

Making your own dressings at home is also recommended. There are excellent recipes for improving your skin condition or dissolving constipation! Please check this article.

Make digestive enzyme rich homemade dressing to get fair skin and smooth defecation!


Rice or bread, which do you choose!?

What are “two impossible choices” to be asked when eating out?
You may have experienced this at casual dining restaurants.

The question is “Rice or bread, which would you like?”

I guess many people sometimes have difficulties to choose one. When eating grilled chicken with tomato sauce, you may be tempted to choose bread.

But when we are on a diet, which should we choose? Have you decided?

The correct answer is…..

Yes. You should definitely choose rice.

In addition, choose brown rice to white rice if possible. You should avoid taking too much carbohydrate when you are on a diet.

Bread contains wheat flour, sugar, butter and yeast, while steamed rice contains only rice and water. Needless to say, the bread is richer in fat than rice. Of course, how much bread you eat matters, but if you want to avoid taking sugar and fat, choose rice.


Surprise! But BBQ is recommended

BBQ doesn’t seem like a good choice as a diet meal, but I recommend you to eat out at restaurants specializing in BBQ.

The key to diet success is how to reduce the carbohydrate intake. This means, as long as you eat only meat and vegetables to fill your stomach up, it would be fine.

At BBQ specialty restaurants, they have a specialized grill that drops surplus fat when grilling meat so that only good-quality fat remains.
Choose low-in-fat parts of the meat when you eat beef or pork. Chicken is generally low in fat, so you can eat it as much as you want. By taking good-quality fat and protein, your body can take necessary nutrients to convert fat to muscles.

Furthermore, eat a lot of vegetables with meat, such as onion or cabbage which are low in calories. Roasting meat in between layers of cabbage is good too.

I know eating BBQ makes you feel like drinking beer, but while on a diet, choose oolong tea or water instead.

However, don’t eat too much in excuse of alcohol prohibition, and enjoy your diet!


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