Many men find tipsy ladies cute.
Men find women cute when she says “I’m feeling a bit drunk” with her slightly red cheeks and troubled-looking expression on her face. This kind of expression makes men think “Has she become comfortable to be with me?” I guess it makes men expect further something, and stimulates men’s instinctive desire.

Well? Have I been beating around the bush? Fine. To be honest, that kind of attitude makes men feel sexy.

Men like women of virtue with a little unguardedness.

It may sound inconsistent, but men are timid in general, so it’s hard to ask women for a date unless she is a little bit unguarded. However, if she is too unguarded, we don’t find her attractive. I know men is a silly creature.

But I want to say this is a unique point of men. We don’t get attracted by women who are overly drunk or are very strong on alcohol and are not affected by it. We are maybe rather intimidated by those women. On the contrary, we fall in love easily with lightly tipsy ladies. (At least I do.)


Being tipsy is good

Women may think “How can we get tipsy that conveniently!?” But there is a way.

It’s simple. Just take an enzyme supplement before drinking alcohol.

You don’t believe it? Well, once you have got know the mechanism of how we get drunk, you will understand what I’m saying.


The mechanism of how we get drunk. The blood alcohol concentration between 0.05 – 0.10% makes you tipsy.

When drinking alcoholic beverages 20% of it is absorbed in the stomach and 80% of it is absorbed in the small intestine, then dissolved into blood and delivered to the liver. The liver works on decomposing the alcohol, but the liver is not able to decompose all of the alcohol instantly, so most of it is sent to the heart and to the entire body by blood. This means the alcohol is sent to the brain as well, and this makes us drunk.

It is said that it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour until the taken alcohol reaches to the brain. This means, we don’t get drunk soon after we drink it. This is important! When our metabolism is slow, it takes more time until the alcohol reaches the brain than when it is fast. This makes us drink more as we don’t realize how drunk we already are.

If we keep drinking at this point, our blood alcohol concentration is raising further, and then, when we pass the tipsy stage and become totally drunk. You are no longer the cute tipsy lade, lol. However, if your metabolism is fast, the alcohol is delivered to your entire body and brain faster, and it makes you feel tipsy soon – in another word, this quickly makes you aware that you are a little bit drunk.

Clever women know the power of digestive enzymes and use it efficiently to create a nicely tipsy stage as well as to have a fresh morning start.

Women who are serious and hard-working tend to get too drunk as they don’t know how to deal with it, I think. I recommend those types of women to take enzyme supplements to become nicely tipsy ladies. Of course enzymes support alcohol digestion so you feel fine next morning. But try saying “Oh, did I lean against you? I’m sorry I was tipsy” to a man with a smile. This makes his heart thump.


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