“Argh…, I did it again.” How many times have I uttered this word, and how many times have I regretted after heavy drinking? And, how many times have I swore to god that I would never drink that much again so please take this pain again? I know how sick we feel as I experienced it at almost every time I went out for drinks in my youth. Of course, the god ignores my stupid lies and I waste half a day due to the hangover.


What is alcohol? Basic knowledge you should know about alcohol

In Japan, beverages that contain more than 1% of alcohol are called alcohol. There are various kinds of alcohols but “ethanol” is the one that is used for beverages. Ethanol, once it’s taken into our bodies, is decomposed to water and carbon dioxide by enzymes. The water is discharged as sweat and urine, and the carbon dioxide is discharged in exhaled breath. That’s why drunk people stink of booze.

Well, stinking booze only annoys people around you (well, it depends on how bad it is, though), but alcohol badly affects various organs. Overdrinking it for a long period of time causes fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and damages to the brain and nerve system. It may make you alcoholic as well. It’s really a scary stuff.


Take alcohol as “the best of all medicines”

Even though we all know alcohol has many side effects, we still love it. Why is that?
The history of alcohol can go back to thousands years ago, and there are songs that worship the god of alcohol all over the world. I think sake is good for humans in nature. In Japanese, we have words like “flower viewing sake” or “snow viewing sake”. Drinking alcohol with close friends is always fun and relaxing. Alcohol certainly makes the atmosphere more cheerful, makes people relaxed and alleviates our stresses. That’s why we tend to overdrink it even we do realize its side effects. I guess humans have been associated with alcohol since we first found it.


The importance of knowing your alcohol tolerance

Do you know how much alcohol intake you can tolerate? According to a sake manufacture, you will feel tipsy with three bottles of beer, three sake glasses of sake, three glasses of two fingers of whisky.

Ah? Don’t you feel tipsy with that amount of alcohol? I know, I know. That’s why we get hangovers again, again and over again. In fact, our bodies are tipsy enough with that amount of alcohol. When the work of digestive enzymes is weak, it takes longer until taken alcohol reaches the brain (usually it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour), so we don’t feel tipsy even we have taken enough amount of alcohol. And this leads us drink more, and as a consequence we get hangovers.

If the digestive enzymes in the body work actively?
Yes, your brain feels tipsy sooner and you can avoid overdrinking. Not only you can avoid having a hangover, but avoid hurting your wallet as well. This way, the alcohol will be a good friend of yours forever! Utilize digestive enzymes for keeping a good relationship with alcohol.

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