Having a full-course dinner with your lovely partner at a high-end restaurant sounds really romantic. Enjoying some red wine together with blue cheese or nuts, then eating juicy beef steak and sweet chocolate cake at last. What a good night.

However, if you have a chronic headache, you may start feeling unwell by the time the beef comes to the table, then the conversation will become dull and your energy will be gone by the time the chocolate cake arrives. This can happen because all these foods trigger headaches.

You may say “I thought red wine is good for health”, but among the foods that are good for health, there are ones that may cause your headaches. What’s wrong with these foods then?


Avoid taking foods that induce headaches

There are many people who have chronic headaches. Especially many of those who use PC for a long time at work suffer from headaches as a result of having chronical stiff shoulders, sore eyes, and backache. Luckily I don’t have a chronic headache but having a headache once a year is already unbearable. I feel really sorry for those who are suffered from headaches all through the year.

There are various causes for headaches but diet can be one of them. Review your diet now. Foods that improve blood circulation are good for health in general but to those who have headaches, things are different. They enlarge blood vessels in brain and induce headaches. Foods which contain a lot of chemical seasonings also induce headaches, and polyphenol rich foods which suppress oxidation also enlarge blood vessels.

Furthermore, weight-loss support ingredients are usually rich in asparagine-acid and they also enlarge blood vessels. Tyramine which is contained in cheese or onions has a vasoconstriction affect, which also induces headache. Human brains are really sensitive.

I have told you about the causes of the headache, but from now, I would like to tell you what you should actually avoid.

《Ingredients that induce headaches》
・Red wine
・Olive oil
・Peanut butter
・Dried nuts
・Instant foods
・Weight-loss effective ingredients
・Sodium glutamate

There are various ingredients that cause headaches. You don’t have to be too nervous, but when you already have a headache, I recommend you to avoid eating them, and eating foods that prevent you from having headaches.


Eat something that cure headaches

I think some of you are hesitant to take pain killers every time headaches occur. If you can alleviate the pain by eating foods, it’s the best. However, cause of the headaches are too many to be identified. Dehydration is one of the headache causes. Make sure to drink sufficient amount of water. Apart from drinking water, eating magnesium and potassium rich vegetables. These measures have immediate effect on headaches caused by dehydration.

The lack of carbohydrate intake can be a cause of headaches. If you have a headache after missing a lunch, the cause of your headaches can be the lack of carbohydrate. Short of carbohydrate intake induces headaches as the energy of brain, blood glucose, becomes insufficient. In this case, eat rye bread which mildly increases the blood glucose level.

If the causes of headaches are due to high blood pressure or inflammation, go on an appropriate diet. However, dietary therapy is not an immediately effective method, continuous efforts is required. Some experts say eating magnesium rich ingredients like almond regularly may alleviate the symptoms.

Spinach can be a headache remedy if the cause is due to the hangover. Spinach leaves are rich in vitamins B and lower blood pressure. I hereafter describe the causes of headaches as well as their remedies.

《For headaches due to dehydration》
Tomato, cucumber, and watermelon etc.(Ingredients that are watery and rich in minerals)

《For headaches due to high blood pressure》
Yogurt, milk, pork, spinach, liver and eel (Ingredients that are rich in vitamins B)

《For headaches due to inflammation》
Salmon and sardine(Ingredients that are rich in omega-3)

《For headaches due to vascular constriction》
Almond, tofu, natto (fermented soybeans), hijiki-seaweed, black beans, banana, cashew nut (Ingredients that are rich in magnesium)

《For headaches due to swelling》
Potato, water melon and banana (Ingredients that are rich in potassium)

Bananas and water melons can be remedies of two types of headaches. The nutrients-rich banana is often taken by athletes so they seem like a good headache remedy but watery water melon is a surprising one.



Knowing the cause of your headaches is highly important to cure them. Be careful with your daily diet, and eat something which don’t induce the headaches.

Please also be cautious about your intestinal condition. Having poor intestinal environment lowers nutrient absorption. Taking ingredients that improve intestinal environment together with headache remedies is highly recommended. If you have a poor diet, severe stresses, or are suffering from constipation, try this method.


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