I would like to say something today.

Skilled women – from a man’s point of view – are hygienic, have a good smile, caring, have decent social skills, understand others’ position, and disciplined. I think skilled women are beautiful both outside and inside. I guess what I’m saying here contains personal preference though.

Anyway, to be a skilled woman, maintaining a good physical condition is important. Physical health is deeply related to mind and other things. “I’m quite healthy. This means I am a skilled woman?” Well, wait a minute. Have you ever woke up dull after a heavy drinking night out?

A skilled woman doesn’t get a hangover. They don’t smell alcohol, don’t show up at work with messy hair. Because they take precautions. Their lifestyles are well-organized so that they can maintain their health. This is what the skilled women do.


The secret of skilled women

I have worked with a skilled woman. She wasn’t a typical beauty but always smiley, caring and charming. One night, I went out for dinner with her and other few people. I remember we had a good time. The next day many of us including me had a hangover, but she was fine and looked fresh as usual.

She maybe was a tough drinker but I think she took precautions in order not to get a hangover. I regret that I didn’t ask her why she didn’t get a hangover.

Many years have passed since then, and now I have gained knowledge on hangover prevention. I’m going to introduce you five counter measurements. Skilled women know how to take care of themselves. They drink modestly in order not to have a hangover.


Five hangover counter measurements

Now, I’m going to introduce you a self-management method as well as five hangover counter measurements.

《Hangover counter measurement No.1》
Take a tea spoon of olive oil before drinking alcohol. Butter or margarine are good too. Oil prevents or slows down alcohol absorption. This way, you can take a counter measurement without being noticed. Fat is an ingredient which effectively absorbs alcohol. Eat salad before drinking. Popular dressings like French dressing or thousand island contain oil. If you are on a diet, drink some green tea before drinking alcohol. Green tea contains catechin (a kind of flavonoid) and suppresses alcohol absorption.

《Hangover counter measurement No.2》
Do not drink brewed alcohol or liquor that is high in methanol. Drinking warm sake, low calorie beer, or drink alcohol with soda are not recommended.
White wine, shochu, vodka, whisky, brandy, or awamori are fine.

In winter, warm sake or hot wine are especially tasty, but warmed alcohol is quickly absorbed and evaporated alcohol is absorbed even quicker from nostrils, and with which the alcohol reaches brain really quick.

Furthermore, carbonated drinks and low in calorie drinks (incl. low calorie beer) accelerate our bodies’ alcohol absorption. Low calorie drinks don’t contain sugar, so they reach intestines quicker and increase the blood alcohol level rapidly. Therefore, alcohol with diet coke is a dangerous combination.

《Hangover counter measurement No.3》
Don’t do an exercise after drinking alcohol as you will get drunk quickly. I recommend you to drink at one place quietly. Barhopping and dancing in the night club will give you a hangover. The reason is that you will more likely to be dehydrated and your blood flow will become faster by the exercise. In addition, your body will become short of energy needed for exercise (glycogen). Sweating makes you drink more alcohol but alcohol’s diuretic effect will make you dehydrated.
Our bodies need glycogen when doing an exercises, but it is used to decompose alcohol. As a consequence, we suffer from hangover symptoms such as headache or muscle ache.

《Hangover counter measurement No.4》
Eat snacks or fruits while drinking alcohol. Water is something you should take. Drinking alcohol with water or tea is recommended. Alcohol has diuretic effect. Therefore, more than half of the water taken with alcohol will be discharged with urine or sweat. If you don’t like drinking water while drinking alcohol, eat warm pot dishes or miso soup. They supply water and salt to your body which are lost due to alcohol intake. Supplying water and salt while drinking prevents you from getting a hangover.
Macadamia nuts, walnut, and raisin butter are recommended snacks. Bars often offer these snacks, but it makes sense. Taking fat is an effective hangover counter measurement. It slows down alcohol absorption and reduces the blood alcohol level.

Drinking alcohol when you are hangry makes you hangover, but what you eat while drinking also matters.

《Hangover counter measurement No.5》
Drink water before going to bed. At least drink 500ml of water and you will feel different next morning. Dehydration is a cause of hangover. Due to the alcohol diuretic effect, we get dehydrated without noticing. Supply water to your body before you go to bed so that you don’t get dehydrated during the sleep.



Followings are counter measures skilled women do:
No.1: Take a spoon of olive oil before drinking alcohol.
No.2: Drink distilled alcohol. Don’t drink warm alcohol. Don’t drink alcohol with carbonated water or non-calorie drinks.
No.3: Don’t do any exercises after drinking. Drink quietly.
No.4: Take water, soup and nuts while drinking.
No.5: Drink more than 500ml of water before going to bed.

Are skilled women calculative? I think the way they think and manage themselves is attractive. However, taking fat as a hangover counter measurement may increase the body weight. Now, “Nakakirei Enzyme” works for you. Enzymes improve digestion and slim your belly.

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