Thanks to my business, I travel a lot. And thanks to the enzyme supplement I daily take, I rarely feel too fatigue or have stomach problems. I really appreciate it.

Having an excellent stomach condition enables me to enjoy eating local dishes, and thinking where to go and what to eat have become like a hobby recently.

There are many delicious local dishes but “Nagoya Food” which uses miso a lot is one of my favorites.

As a miso lover, Nagoya is like Mecca. Foods in Nagoya that use miso a lot have become my precious partners that alleviate fatigue of a long distance travel. Needless to say, I very much like their taste though.

One day when I got on a bullet train after getting myself a deep-fried pork with miso sauce lunch box, a question arose.

“Why do many Nagoya foods contain miso? I haven’t thought about it before, but miso sauce comes with many lunch boxes as if it’s a must.”

I’m the person who is eager to solve questions ASAP, so I made some researches and found some interesting facts.


The reason miso has become a MUST for Nagoya dishes

Nagoya is a place where legendary samurai commanders such as Nobunaga Oda, Ieyasu Tokugawa or Hideyoshi Toyotomi (he was based in Osaka longer though) were stationed during the 16th century.

Precisely speaking, current Nagoya is divided into Owari where Nobunaga based and Anjo and Okazaki where Ieyasu based.

The miso produced in Mikasa, Okazaki-city is called “Haccho-Miso” and this relates to the reason why miso has become a must for Nagoya dishes.

The story dates back to the era when Ieyasu Tokubaga was just a local military commander and his name recognition was like the level of a pop singer who merely ranks No.100 on the hit chart.

When Ieyasu was still young, samurai worriers in Mikawa district were called as “Mikawa Bushi” and were famous for their toughness and bravery.

Mikawa district were surrounded by three rivers, and therefore, people had troubles with dealing humidity which perishes foods quickly.

In order to preserve foods, people started to make thicker taste dishes, and as time goes by the thicker taste has become their preference.

The haccho-miso I mentioned above tastes really good and goes really well with rice balls. Therefore, worriers of Mikawa preferably brought it with them to battle fields.

Miso the worriers brought to the battle fields was not only tasty but contained excellent nutrients and enzymes. It certainly supported worriers with alleviating fatigue or improving their strength.

This is the story how miso has become a must for Nagoya dishes.


Was it “Miso” that enabled Ieyas to conquer the whole country?

I like imagining things. I think “Miso made Ieyasu conquer the whole country” is a rather true hypothesis.
Because the amount of provision was the key to win a war during the period. Preservable and nutritious miso which contains enzymes and lactic acids definitely supported Ieyasu for strengthening his army.


Nagoya dishes improve your stomach conditions

Now come to think of it that when I go on a business trip to Nagoya, my stomach condition seems better than when I visit other cities so that I can enjoy local foods better.

Of course, I eat red-colored haccho-miso soup for breakfast, udon-noodles flavored with miso-soup for lunch, miso cookies for snacks, and deep-fried pork with miso sauce for dinner.

If I eat such meals in Tokyo, my stomach would feel heavy, but when I am in Nagoya, I surprisingly feel fine.

I would be very happy if my hometown had the same food culture like Nagoya, but I think Nagoya is the only city that has developed a “must have miso with every dish” culture.

When I have no business in Nagoya, I take “Nakakirei Enzyme” supplement which is derived from koji-mold (aspergillus oryzae) like miso to maintain my stomach condition good.

“The biggest country side in Japan”
“The watershed of east and west cultures”

Nagoya has several catch copies, but I think “Miso fans’ Mecca” can be a good one.


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