Celebrities love dieting.

Well, it’s a joke but their jobs sometimes require them to keep their body fit.

In the show biz world, “The body shape represents her character”. Therefore some keep their body slim, some have standard body shapes, and some even keep their body extremely overweight because of “the job”.

However, the number of those who keep their body fat is quite small. To be healthy and to make themselves attractive on stage, it maybe natural for celebrities to become diet-conscious.

I would like to focus on the “celebrities’ diet methods” this time. They may be slightly different from what we expect.


Do celebs like to disclose their actual weights!?

Nowadays, celebrities use SNS such as Twitter or Instagram as their communication tools. Line-blog is also a popular tool for them.

In such SNSs, it seems that disclosing their real body weights, especially among female personalities and models, has become popular. If you search for their Before-And-After weight loss pictures on the Internet, you can see the clear differences.

For example, a popular personality and a mother of two children Yoko Kumada was sometimes teased by others as she was rather a chubby women before marriage.

She was even nicknamed “Kuma-chan the teddy bear” and she, herself, started to bring up her big breasts and full figure body related stories in the shows.

After the marriage and during her pregnancy period, her appearance on media became fewer. I have heard that she gained 16kg during this period.

For women, it’s natural for them to gain weight during the pregnancy, but 7 – 10 kg of weight gain is considered ideal. Mrs. Kumada lost 3 – 4 kg right after the childbirth, then gradually lost 14kg in total within 6 months.

She tried belly dancing to lose her weight.
This gave her a successful diet result as she could do it at home and it was an easy to continue.


Yui Aragaki’s healthy diet method that keeps her slim

Yui Aragaki is a popular actress nicknamed “Gakkie”.

People in their 10’s and 20’s usually gain or lose weight easily, and sometimes have swollen faces or become chubby.

This never applies to Ms. Aragaki and she always have sharp and beautiful feature, as well as beautifully legs.

It’s surprising to hear Ms. Aragaki loves fatty food such as BBQ and ramen noodles. Of course, she knows she will gain weight if she keeps eating her favorite dishes.

So, she is careful with her daily diet and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits to reduce her calorie intake.

Being careful with what you eat and how much calories you take is the principle of successful weight loss. Eating a good amount of well-balanced food while keeping her body fit. I think she is a real professional actress.

In fact, “Eat-And-Lose Dieting Method” is beneficial. You have less risk to regain your lost weight as you can gain a naturally-slim dietary lifestyle through this method. Therefore, I think this method is better than one-meal-replacement diet methods as you can eat well-balanced three meals a day while reducing the total calorie intake.

Please check my previous article that focuses weight loss methods if you want to avoid “winter-weight-gain”.

What is “easily-gain-fat body type”? Is it changeable?


A pop star Haruna Kojima drinks detox soup to lose weight

Haruna Kojima nicknamed “Kojiharu” who recently announced her leave from a Japanese idol group AKB48.

It’s famous among young girls that she was modelling as well while being a member of the idol group. Her feminine curvy body shape is called “Marshmallow Body”, and I think from men’s point of view, she looks healthy and attractive

Ms. Kojima also has been cautious about her weight changes to be a model and a pop icon.

Her weight loss method is to change her diet immediately when she gains weight. She doesn’t rely on any commercial weight loss meals, but cooks homemade detox soup by herself instead.

I have written about “detox soups” in my blog many times though, tomato based vegetable soup has a fat-burning effect. Ms. Kojima has her own tomato soup recipe that also contains onions, carrots and celeries.

In addition, this is excellent for her to stick her rules – when you notice your weight gain or eat excessive amount of food, start dieting today.

What do you think about celebrities’ weight loss method? I think people who have been active in the front lines are cautious about “eating healthy to lose weight healthily”.

Ordinary people like me don’t often have opportunities to be looked at, but still, I concern about how I look. I guess it’s not a bad idea to try celebrities’ weight loss methods.

“Feel-Like-A-Celebrity Dieting Method”

This is a weight loss method that you simply try your favorite celebrity’s dieting method as if you were a celebrity.

After autumn – the season our appetite increases – winter arrives. In winter, our metabolism tend to be slower.
To avoid winter-weight-gain, we should think about how to prevent it from happening. The earlier, the better!


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