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In general, new born babies rarely get constipated. However, some mothers claim “My baby is a little constipated”. And actually, breastfed babies and bottle-fed babies have different types of constipation. Let’s check what’s happening inside the new born babies’ intestines.


90% of the intestinal bacteria are good intestinal bacteria

Until coming out from the mother’s body, a new born baby is kept in a germfree condition. Once coming out, coli bacillus, Bifidobacterium and more bacteria are growing in his or her body and the total kind and number of them will become more than 300 kinds, a hundred trillion in total.

There are two types of bacteria, good intestinal bacteria and bad intestinal bacteria. Most of intestinal bacteria that are growing in new born babies’ intestines are good bacteria Bifidobacterium. The number of Bifidobacterium is reduced as growing older, and bad bacteria such as coli bacillus or Welch bacillus are increased on the contrary.


What is the most common cause of new born babies’ constipation?

Naturally, new born babies defecate a few times a day. In their intestines, there are full of a good bacteria Bifidobacterium. Thanks to the good bacteria, new born babies’ feces is watery and they are rarely constipated. However, they sometimes become constipated.

The reason of their constipation is drinking little breast milk. Lack of breast milk reduces the amount of feces and water in their bodies. If your baby keeps drinking breast milk more than 30 minutes, please check if you produce enough breast milk. If you produce enough amount of breast milk and the baby is growing fine, but defecates only a small amount of feces, no worries. It happens when the baby’s nutrients absorption is really good.


Are there any differences between breast milk and powdered milk?

Back in the day, people believed breastfed babies less likely to get constipated than bottle-fed babies. “Mother” is wonderful in many ways, but this time I would like to talk about her roll on baby’s constipation.

Breast milk is very rich in oligosaccharide. Oligosaccharide works to increase good intestinal bacteria such as Bifidobacterium and alleviates constipation. On the other hand, drinking powdered milk may increase the number of colibacillus that causes of constipation.


Nowadays, the composition of powdered milk are becoming really similar to that of breast milk.

Thanks to the technology development, the number of Bifidobacterium contained in the powdered milk has become the same as that of the breast milk. But still, powdered milk drinking babies have larger number of colibacillus. However, having more colibacillus may have a benefit.

Colibacillus produces vitamin K. Therefore, bottle-fed babies less likely have an intracranial hemorrhage, which happens more often to breastfed babies due to the short of vitamin K. Still, breast milk is superior to the powdered milk in many ways. Adding oligosaccharide to the powdered milk and other nutrients to improve the quality has made the ph acidic. When the ph becomes acidic, good intestinal bacteria increases and alleviates constipation.

Mothers who are not able to breastfeed use powdered milk. There may be some women who feel bad about feeding powdered milk to their babies, but the powdered milk produced in Japan is really safe and high in quality. Please do not worry about feeding your baby with powdered milk.


How mothers alleviate new born babies’ constipation

When changing a nappy, give her or his tommy a massage clockwise. The six o’clock position is the location of rectum where the feces lastly gets and is waiting to be discharged.
Or, apply some oil to a cotton swab and insert it to his or her anus about 1 -2 cm to stimulate the bowel movement. If he or she is still constipated go to see a doctor.


Constipation is dangerous to new born babies

If a new born baby doesn’t evacuate within 24hours after the birth, or doesn’t evacuate for a few days, has pain in her stomach, or the tommy gets bigger, he or she may have a Hirschsprung disease. After coming back home from the hospital, it’s sometimes hard to notice the symptoms. 85% of the patients have got the disease by the age of four. It’s a rare disease but leaving it may deteriorate the healthy growth of the child. In some cases, surgery is required. Therefore, if your baby has been suffering from constipation for a certain period of time, please consult with a doctor.


Recommendation to breast-feeding mothers

“Nakakirei Enzyme” alleviates breast-feeding mothers’ constipation as well as increases the quality of breast milk. This is also good for the baby. I hope “Nakakirei Enzyme” will support mother and baby’s healthy bowel movement.


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