Do you enjoy drinking? I’m Hamamoto of Hakko Seikatsu Ltd.

I have been talking about hangover remedies in this blog, so I haven’t had one for a long period of time. But I have had bad hangover experiences in the past as a result of accepting sudden party invitations.

Now, I want you to think what you had in your house next morning after a heavy drinking session. Please don’t say “I can’t remember as I was too drunk.” You may find the hangover savior. If you don’t have it at home, you can find it at a convenience store or a drug store on the way home. If you have one, your hangover-related nausea, barrelhead and headache will be reduced!


10 things you should keep as hangover remedies

I would like to introduce 10 things that would reduce your hangover symptoms next morning. Firstly, I’m going to mention about commercial hangover drinks and pills. If you prefer not to rely on these types of hangover remedies, please see from No.4

《Remedy No.1》Hepalize
It’s a medicament drink. It helps liver to decompose acetaldehyde which is a causing substance of hangover.

《Remedy No.2》Hithiol-C
This is a medicament pill. This is for spots and freckles, but also for hangover and popular among women. An effective component “L-cysteine” supports decomposing a causing substance of hangover acetaldehyde.

Next is a commercial sports drink. I have written about it in my previous blog. Drinking sports drinks is a widely acknowledged hangover counter measurement.

《Remedy No.3》Aquarius / Pocarisweat
Alcoholic beverages disturb nutrient absorption. Therefore, when drinking alcoholic drinks, a lot of nutrients are lost from our bodies. Sports drinks supply not only water but also sodium, chlorine, potassium and sugar to our bodies quickly, and works well on low blood sugar caused by hangover. (I personally recommend Pokarisweat, but our company’s party manager Mr. Yamashita loves Aquarius, so I have introduced both of them here.)

《Remedy No.4》Tomato juice
Tomato juice reduces blood glucose level and discharges alcohol from our bodies. It also contains salt. So drinking tomato juice is more effective than eating tomatoes as we can supply the lost salt by urination by drinking the juice.

《Remedy No.5》Grape fruit juice
Fructose supports decomposing alcohol. Vitamin C and citric acid work well on alleviating hangover. 100% grape fruit juice is recommended as it supplies us with water and nutrients together.

《Remedy No.6》Dried persimmon
Tannin and catalase contained in a persimmon improves decomposing acetaldehyde. Dried persimmon is recommended as you can get it all through the year.

《Remedy No.7》Honey
Vitamin B6 that is contained in honey, alleviates hangover symptoms and fructose alleviates headache. Only two tea spoons of fructose is sufficient.

《Remedy No.8》Sesame
Sesamin contained in sesame supports liver to improve decomposing acetaldehyde and the synergy between seasamin and vitamin E creates anti-oxidant effect. These effects make sesame a good hangover remedy.

《Remedy No.9》Pickled plum
Pickled plum fixes the coat of the stomach, and citric acid improves liver functions and alleviate a feeling of discomfort in the stomach.

《Remedy No.10》Instant freshwater clam miso soup
Freshwater clams are rich in amino acids which activate enzymes that support decomposing alcohol, and lecithin contained in miso prevents the liver from accumulating fat. Of course a home-made miso soup is more nutritious than instant one, but instant one is more convenient.



I have picked up 10 hangover remedies that are easy to take and keep. Do you have some of them in your house? I have to ask my wife how many of them we keep in our house but I guess we at least have five. Well, I rarely have a hangover now so I don’t really need to keep them though.
I didn’t start taking it as a hangover remedy but my metabolism has been improved because of it and as a result, I rarely get a hangover. (Ask me why and what my secret is!)

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