Are athletes’ weight loss good for us?

Today I would like to declare that I will succeed in losing weight this time!

Having said that, I have failed it many times. Losing weight is not so easy.

Unless we have serious health problems in relation to obesity, we don’t take failure in dieting that seriously. Maybe this is one of the reasons we hardly achieve our weight loss goals.

On the contrary, athletes must succeed in achieving their weight loss goals. Maybe we can get some clues from their weight loss methods?

Among many different kind of athletes’, I think boxers go through really tough weight loss programs. I have never seen them with my real eyes, but have seen them on TV documentary programs, dramas and manga, and think their methods are extremely tough.

I have heard that their weight loss programs are supervised by specialists and their efficient dieting programs are designed based on the Ergonomics.

Of course boxers do tremendous effort to lose weight to meet their weight limit. As they keep their physical strength for the upcoming matches while dieting, there may be things to learn from their weight loss programs for us, too.


Running – a common training for boxers

It’s easy to imagine a boxer doing miles of roadwork in the early morning. There are many people who do walking in the morning, but is doing easy exercising in the morning more effective?

According to a research, boxers do early morning runs to keep stamina and to lose weight.
To burn their fat efficiently, they run before breakfast. However, I don’t recommend you to do this.

Boxers do their trainings under the supervision of specialists. If you want to do some exercise in the morning, you had better to do something easy, such as jogging or walking.

Please keep in mind to hydrate yourself. When sweating, the internal water content is reduced but the fat is not discharged with the sweat. Dehydration may deteriorate your metabolism and having mushy and dirty blood may harm your health.


Boxers’ weight-loss diet

What we should refer to is their “Diet”.

Boxers’ diet consists of high-in-protein and low-in-calories ingredients. You don’t have to follow everything, but try to take some ideas from them.

For example, we need to take protein to build our muscles. Eating natto, chicken tender, tofu and brown rice are recommended.

Furthermore, once-popular “no carbohydrate weight loss program” is avoided by many athletes, because the carbohydrate is burned first during the exercises, and short of carbohydrate deteriorates fat-burning efficiency.

Therefore, we should reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake but take a small amount of it. There are various low-in-carbohydrate food products available nowadays. Take them wisely into your diet.

Not only athletes, but celebrities are also keen on keeping their physical strength as their bodies and health are their asset. Please check my previous blog “ActressYui Aragaki’s “Eating Diet Method” etc. – Here are celebrities’ popular dieting methods”.


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