Weight control is a critical matter athletes need to face.

Keeping their best weight is one of the most important things for them to make their carrier successful. Athletes who engage in sports that have “weight classes” such as wrestling, boxing, and Judo, are required exceptionally serious weight control.

Rio Olympics 90kg class Judo Gold medalist Mashu Baker is a good-looking athlete who is popular among women.

Judo players need to control their weight for their matches seriously. How do they manage?


Mashu Baker’s somatic fat rate is lower than 10%!?

Mashu Baker is 178cm tall. He is slightly smaller than other players who fight in the 90kg division. Japanese players seem to be smaller than other players in general.

Therefore, Japanese players make tremendous efforts to improve their techniques to cover their physical disadvantage.

What I want to focus on in this article is the somatic fat rate. To my surprise, Mr. Baker’s somatic fat rate is less than 10%. The average somatic fat rate of healthy population is around 15-22%. Considering the figure, you can see how fit he is.

Well, I have heard that a popular performance group “EXILE” has their rule – If you have a two-digit somatic fat rate, you are over-weighted. Of course, all of them keep their somatic body fat rate lower than 10%.

When seeing them on TV or at concerts, we can see how fit they are. People who have that excellent body shapes are the ones who have one-digit somatic fat rate.


To women, don’t go too far!

Having said so, the previous case was for men, not for women. Having extremely low somatic fat rate may have bad effects on women’s health.

Women start to have their period when they become adolescent. The arrival of first period varies depending on each person, but it commonly starts when they are in junior high school and they are used to handle the period by the time they become high school students.

There are women who even experience their first childbirth at the age of fifteen or sixteen. I would like you to pay attention to the somatic body fat rate here. It is said that the period stops when women are extremely obese, but it happens when they are extremely skinny.

In other word, having extremely low somatic body fat rate may stop the period.

I think women need to keep in mind not to lower their somatic body fat rate too much as it affects not only pregnancy or childbirth, but menopause as well. Do everything in moderation.


Things we can learn from Judo players’ weight loss methods

Here, let’s learn how Judo players lose their weight to make themselves fit in their best weight class divisions. When they need to lose weight immediately before their matches, they go running. It is so called “Hashiri-komi(走り込み)” in Japanese.

This is a common weight loss method for all types of sports, and I have introduced about it many times in my blog. The combination of “morning runs before breakfast” and “high-in-protein and low-in-calories diet” is the key for efficiently burning fat.

Having said so, we are not professional athletes. Following severely-restricted lifestyle will not enhance the quality of our lives. Therefore, just follow methods that you can easily do.

To be more specific, be conscious of eating high-in-protein and low-in-calories and eat good-quality protein meat. If you don’t have time for cooking, something like a “salad chicken” from a convenience store is fine.

I hope you can find a suitable weight loss program for you. See you soon!


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