We still have a bit of time until the arrival of summer, but it has been so warm and it makes me think of my next summer vacation. We need to book popular summer resorts three to six months in advance. Otherwise they will be fully booked.

Everyone is looking for the summer vacation, however, some people, especially mature women may start wondering something when the summer is approaching.

Yes, that’s dieting. This time, I would like to introduce “swimming weight loss method” to you.


Even though I try to hide my body shape……

Why do we care about our body shapes in summer more? The answer is clear. We wear thin cloths in summer. If you compare fashions in a sky resort and a beach resort….well, I don’t need to say anything, lol.

In winter snow resorts, we wear thick cloths for keeping ourselves warm or avoiding getting wet by snow. The body is covered by cloths and the body shape is almost invisible. Therefore, we care less about our body shapes in winter.

However, when enjoying marine sports, things are different.

Recently, long-sleeve rashies are available but body shapes are still visible.

Even though we cover our skin to prevent from having sunburn, body shapes are still clearly visible. Summer is a season when we become more cautious about accumulated fat or unfit body shape.


Go swimming to get a beautiful body shape ASAP

I know some of the readers do not like exercises. Of course, everyone has different strong points and weak points. But I recommend you to swim especially if you are the person who don’t like exercises.
As you may know, swimming gives exercise to every part of your body. You dive into the water and swim. Swimming burns a lot of calories as it requires certain physical strength to move the whole body.

I would like to calculate the consumption calories of a beginner when she swims for 10 minutes.

Strictly speaking, calculating the consumption calories for swimming is difficult but I will do the mass on consumption calories of a woman who is 160cm tall and weighed 50kg.

Crawl stroke: 173kcal
Breaststroke: 90kcal

As widely acknowledged, the breaststroke is less-tiring when swimming a long distance, and you can swim faster with the crawl stroke. That’s why the consumption calories of two swimming methods differ.

By the way, it is said that you should not take more than 80kcal of snacks a day for health. It’s maybe easy for you to imagine 10minutes of breaststroke equals to the recommended calorie intake of snacks a day.


Swimming once a week is fine. Slow and steady wins a race.

Swimming has many benefits.

Swimming puts less burden to your lower body parts compare to running. Buoyancy of the water supports your body so that you feel less pain in the water and this enables you to do the exercise without having any uncomfortable feelings.

“But, I should go swimming every day, shouldn’t I?”
I understand how you feel while you are on a diet.

“Slow and steady wins a race” makes sense, however, it’s difficult to make time for exercises everyday while you are busy with work.

Especially for swimming, you need to go to a swimming pool, then you need to change your cloth to the swim suits, and take a shower after the exercise. Once you get home, you need to wash your swimming suits to wash chloric acid away. I know it’s a bit troublesome.

So, just begin with once a week, or even twice a month!
Remember. “Slow and steady wins a race.

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