A former pop icon Moe Fukuda delivered her second child in January 2017. I’m so happy for her! She is not a friend of mine, but this kind of good news makes me happy.

She delivered her first baby in 2013. It’s not easy to lose weight after the childbirth, but I remember she didn’t seem to gain any weight during her first pregnancy and maintained her slim-shaped bodyline.

So, the topic of today is “how to lose weight after childbirth”.


Losing weight after childbirth is difficult!

During the pregnancy, women are affected by the hormone changes. Therefore, they may experience unusual physical conditions. The loss of appetite while experiencing morning sickness will end by the time the pregnant condition is stabilized. Then, they may eat a lot on the rebound. Increase in appetite is actually an effect of hormones.

During the pregnancy, the average weight gain is 8kg -12kg depending on their original weights and body types, but these numbers include the weight of baby, the waters, placenta, water, blood and fat.

This means, right after childbirth, the weight of baby, placenta and the water will be reduced, then other things such as water, blood and fat will be gradually reduced.

However, this process doesn’t always go smoothly.

There are certain number of women who have difficulties with water or fat metabolic turnover. Furthermore, the childcare is what they focus on the most, so maintaining their body shapes is not their priority issues any longer.


Things you need to concern when trying to lose weight after childbirth

The word “weight loss” may make you think of exercising or dietary restriction. However, after childbirth, you can’t do them as you may usually do.

Recovering the physical strength is the first thing women should do after childbirth. Doing tough exercising puts too much burden to their bodies. In addition, dietary restriction is strongly discouraged while breastfeeding, and women even need to supply a lot of nutrients that were lost during the pregnancy. Furthermore, while busy with looking after the baby, women don’t have time for themselves.

The things you should be cautious about dieting after childbirth are as follows:
No dietary restriction.
No tough exercising
No extra burden to childcare

What can they do to lose their weight then?


Enzymes support you without being a burden!

No dietary restriction, no exercising, no time-consuming – considering all these, I think taking enzymes is a good way to lose weight for women who want to lose weight after childbirth.

While pregnant, women are prohibited to do hard core exercises. Therefore, their muscle strength will likely deteriorate. When muscles get weaker, metabolism will be lowered. With lowered metabolism, unnecessary fat or water are hardly discharged from the body and as a result, we will have difficulties with losing weight.

Now, we can rely on the power of enzymes that help us to improve our metabolism. It’s a good idea to take them when you want to discharge body wastes from your body quickly.

Enzymes are contained in fermented foods or fresh vegetables. Try eating those enzyme-rich foods as much as possible, but if you are too busy with childcare, try enzyme supplements.

The most important thing when go on a diet after childbirth is not to do anything that can be burden to you. As for weight-loss diet, please check my blog “【The Latest Version of 2017】The best weight-loss menus!


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