Have you ever tried to lose weight?

I have tried many different weight loss methods. Reducing food intake, doing exercising etc. – there are far too many weight loss methods in the world.

This time, I would like to discuss about “No Carb Diet” with you!


What is “No Carb Diet”?

This weight loss method is really simple. You should avoid eating carbohydrate but you can eat other nutrients as much as you want. This sounds a little extreme to me though.

Bread, rice, noodles and roots vegetables such as pumpkins or sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrate. It means, if you want to avoid taking carbohydrate, you need to avoid eating our staple foods.

No carb diet has become popular because it’s easy to continue, and avoiding eating staple foods actually gives you a successful dieting result in the beginning.


Is “No Carb Diet” dangerous!?

However, some say “No carb diet is dangerous”. Why is that?

First of all, carbohydrate is one of the five major nutrients we should take to maintain our lives. Carbohydrate has very important roles in our bodies – making our brain work, becoming energy for muscles and organs and so on.

Carbohydrate are classified into two categories – “sugar” and “dietary fiber”. Sugar is decomposed to glucose in our bodies and becomes energy for organs, however, taking excessive amount of sugar will be a result of accumulating body fat. Therefore, we gain weight by taking too much carbohydrate.

Though, when the glucose level gets low, the brain becomes short of energy and this may badly affect your body – disturb your concentration, lower lever functions, or slower recovery functions.

Your skin and hair may get rough and less shiny. And what is worse, you will likely regain your lost weight soon after you stop the diet. This method can be a burden to your health, so it’s not something you can continue doing for a long period of time.


Choose the good weight loss method

As you have learned, the no carbohydrate diet has side effects, but if you do it right, you won’t have any problems.

First of all, do NOT completely avoid taking carbohydrate. Just reduce the amount you eat by chewing well and eating slowly to satisfy your appetite center with a small amount of food.

Furthermore, not only reducing your calorie intake, but changing your life style is also important. Keeping regular hours and doing some exercises are not only good for your dieting, but also beneficial to your health and beauty.

“Enzyme dieting” is also a popular and good dieting method. Please check my blog “Five rules for enzyme dieting beginners”.


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