An actress Ryoko Shinohara is a handsome woman who has attracted many fans by her appearance and acting in drams such as “Unfair” or “Haken-no-Hinkaku (the dignity of a temp staff)”. At the same time, she shows her humorous side in variety shows. She is so charming!

She is married to a great actor Masachika Ichimura and has become a mother of two children. Her perfect body shape doesn’t make me think that she is a mother of two.

However, she actually gained 20kg after the childbirth. She went on a diet and successfully lost the gained weight.

The weight-loss method she exercised is so-called “take-it-easy dieting”.

She reduces carbohydrate intake and exercises yoga and muscle trainings, but takes them easy. Let’s see how she does.


Don’t eat too much rice to reduce carbohydrate intake

The principal rule of weight-loss is to reduce carbohydrate intake that is contained in rice or bread. In the past, “no-staple-food diet” became popular, and these two methods are similar.

However, taking ZERO carbohydrate is rather unhealthy.

Especially for women, taking no carbohydrate may cause ill-balanced hormones and rough skin condition. As a consequence, it may ruin your beauty. You may lose weight by avoid eating staple food but this doesn’t improve your beauty.

Ryoko Shinohara tries to reduce carbohydrate intake without getting stressed out.

For example, she eats vegetables and fruits for breakfast to reduce calorie intake, and eats a good amount of meat and rice for lunch, then eats less staple food for dinner.
She doesn’t avoid eating meat and carbohydrate, but reduces the amount of intake to a reasonable level.
This is what Ryoko Shinohara does to maintain her health and beauty.


Do yoga and stretching – but take it easy

Ryoko Shinohara exercises yoga and stretching in addition to low-carbohydrate diet. Yoga and stretching are something you can do at home.

You can do them as watching TV, brushing your teeth or doing household chores – you can use your spare time for stretching.

“I go jogging 3km a day!” “I go to the gym and did some exercises for an hour every day!” are something that sound hard to continue, but doing yoga and stretching at home sounds a little easier.

“To continue” is important when doing exercises for maintaining health or weight-loss. Therefore, choosing a method that you are able to continue is important.


How to go on a diet without getting stressed out

What is remarkable about her weight loss efforts is that she enjoys them without getting stressed out.

For example, when she really really wants to eat ramen noodles, she eats. You won’t gain much weight by eating ramen noodles once in a while. As long as you cautiously reduce carbohydrate intake and eat vegetable-centered meals, you don’t need to worry too much about the weight-gain.

The key point here is being cautious about what you eat and how to live healthy without having too much stress of not eating what you want.

“Take-it-easy dieting” doesn’t force you to stop eating meat or carbohydrate, and doesn’t require you to do tough exercises either. However, if you continue making efforts, you will surely get a successful result.

You can of course lose weight by following tough weight-loss methods, but once you stop them, you will experience a rebound weight gain. You may eat even more than before or do less exercises in response to your dieting stress. On the contrary, “take-it-easy dieting” is easy to continue and easy to try for everyone.

I also recommend you an actress Satomi Ishihara’s dietary life style. Please check my blog about her green smoothie diet.

Actress Satomi Ishihara is doing! Green smoothie for your healthy diet!


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