Japanese actress Michiko Kichise is famous for having a clear beautiful skin like snow. I enjoyed watching her recent TV drama “Hirugao”!

She played a role in the drama as a married woman who was harassed by her rich husband. Of course, having love affair is not socially accepted, though, I watched the drama every week. The main actress of the drama, Aya Ueto did play wonderfully, but I liked Michiko Kichise better!

Michiko Kichise actually is a mother of two. From her appearance, it’s hard to believe she has delivered two children. Do you know what she does to keep her beauty?

I have heard that she has been following “fermented brown rice diet” since she was 28. Let’s check it out!


Brown rice is more nutrient-rich than white rice!

“Fermented brown rice diet” is to change your staple food “white rice” to “fermented brown rice”. Fermented brown rice is amazingly nutrient-rich. The nutritional value is so much higher than that of white rice.

For example, it contains six times the amount of dietary fiber, and 1200 times the amount of Vitamin E as white rice. Eating a lot of fiber-rich vegetables, such as cabbage or burdock root every day is actually difficult. If you think you are not taking enough dietary fibers through your present regular diet, you will be able to take them efficiently by changing your staple food to fermented brown rice.

By taking sufficient amount of dietary fibers, your bowl movement will be activated and as a consequence, you will get a happy dieting result.

When you steam the brown rice and leaves it for about three days, the amount of an amino acid “GABA” contained in the brown rice increases thanks to the naturally contained sugar. GABA is well-known as a stress remedy that is contained in some commercial chocolates. The substance suppresses the sudden increase of blood pressure and stabilizes it.

GABA also improves our basal metabolism, and this effect is also diet friendly.

Furthermore, the brown rice is quite filling, so you may be able to avoid eating snacks, however, the calories of brown rice and white rice are similar.

This is different from a dieting method that replaces staple food to low-in-calorie food, but taking a lot of dietary fibers and GABA efficiently by eating nutrient-rich brown rice. Be careful of eating excessive amount, though.


How to make the “fermented brown rice”

Here is a recipe for you to make the fermented brown rice.

Brown Rice:3 cups (450g)
Small red beans:1/6 cup
Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
Water:6 cups(twice the amount of brown rice)

Rinse the brown rice and the small read beans.
Add 1 cup of water to the brown rice and read beans and mix them for eight minutes using a whisk to scratch the surface of the grains of the brown rice.
Add the rest of the water and leave them for more than 6 hours.
Cook them in a rice cooker by using brown rice mode (if available).
Once cooked, leave them for three days in a warming mode, and mix them once a day.

Normal steamed brown rice doesn’t have a smooth texture but leaving it for 3 days enhances it and makes it soft and glutinous. In addition, you can divide it into smaller proportions and keep them in the fridge. The fermented brown rice is tasty even when it’s cold.


Stay beautiful and healthy by eating fermented brown rice!

Fermented brown rice is not only good for weight-loss but also good for beauty and health.

Brown rice is rich in Vitamin E that has an excellent antioxidative effect. By eating fermented brown rice, you can take a good amount of Vitamin E that works on improving skin condition and anti-aging.

Furthermore, the small read beans are very rich in polyphenol and dietary fiber that improve skin condition, have anti-aging effect and improve the bowel movement.

You see. Fermented brown rice is so beneficial to your beauty and health. Why don’t you start today!


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