I’m from Hiroshima, so I have had many opportunities to hear how horrifying the effects of radiation are since I was little at school or from my relatives. Many of the victims who were exposed to the radiation near the center of the explosion died within a few days or a few years due to the atomic bomb disease.
However, I know a man who is still alive even she was within 2km from the center of the explosion at the time of explosion.
Also, there was a doctor who passed away at the age of 89 who was bombed in Nagasaki at the age of 28.

These two people have something in common. It’s their diet. They went in for a dietary therapy as a radioactive countermeasure. What is it then?


Hiroshima bomb victim’s daily diet – brown rice, pickled sour plum and miso soup

Ms. Sawako Hiraga was bombed in Hiroshima at the age of 9 and she was only 2km away from the center of the explosion. Her entire body was severely burnt and she was also suffered from multiple atomic diseases. When she was 24, she had an opportunity to attend the founder of macrobiotic diet Mr. Joichi Skurazawa’s lecture. When she met him in person, he told her “You look horrible! If you keep living like you do now, you will die within 3 years.”

His comment to her can be taken as a harassment in the present time.

If she got angry and left the place right away, she might continue suffering from the atomic diseases, or died soon at worst. However, even though Ms. Hiraga was deeply hurt by his comment, she enthusiastically listened his lecture and followed his advice. She replaced her staple food white rice to brown rice only and continued the brown rice diet for 1 month. (The method originally says to continue it for no more than 10 days but she missed the part.)

Then, an eruption on her face started to disappear and her physical condition was getting better as well. Since then, Ms. Hiraga have been following Mr. Sakurazawa’s advice and changed her daily diet to natural and organic ingredients oriented, such as brown rice, miso soup and sour pickles. She became much healthier and got married, has 7 children and 5 grandchildren. She is 78 years old now and still keeps her own teeth.


“Seaweed miso soup” – a doctor in Nagasaki’s countermeasure for atomic diseases

Next is a story of a doctor Tatsuichiro Akizuki in Nagasaki. He and his hospital staff were exposed to the radiation at 1.8km away from the center of the explosion while treating patients at St. Francisco hospital, but none of them suffered from the atomic bomb diseases. Dr. Akizuki advised his staff to take “Seaweed miso soup and brown rice”, and avoid sugar. He strongly believed the diet would work as he overcame tuberculosis by following the diet.

You may wonder if the tuberculosis treatment and radioactive countermeasure do not have anything in common, but the staff actually followed his advice and no one had got any atomic diseases even they had been exposed to the radiation near the center of the explosion.

Luckily, a part of the hospital was used as a food storage during the war, so they had a good amount of miso, soy sauce, brown rice and seaweed at that time.

Dr. Akizuki believed that the “seaweed miso soup” protected them from the atomic diseases, and published a book “Taishitsu to Shokumotsu (physical constitution and diet)” by pursuing his study. In his book, he says, harmful radioactive effects were suppressed by the combination of protein, vitamin, minerals contained in miso (soy beans), minerals (iodine and calcium etc), dietary fibers in seaweed, and vitamins, minerals, fight chemicals (phytic acid and felluric acid etc.). He enjoyed his life without having serious atomic diseases until he passed away at the age of 89.

His book was translated into other languages, so when the Chernobyl atomic power plant exploded, orders for miso poured in. I wonder how they cooked or used miso though.


Miso for radioactive countermeasure

Radioactive medical institution of Hiroshima University conducted an experiment upon Dr. Akizuki’s theory by using mice, and scientifically proved “Miso’s radioactive contamination removal effect, and miso’s physiological function for cancer prevention”. They proved that iodine 131 and cesium 134 were efficiently discharged from the body by taking miso. On the contrary, it did not work on substances that can be absorbed into born marrow such as plutonium and strontium.

By the way, they tested with other ingredients, and found that Caucasian style yogurt also has effects of increasing crypt reproduction ability and survival rate. However, which substances show the effects is still unknown.

According to the Hiroshima University’s research, difference in production places doesn’t show any effect on the result but maturing matters. A miso that had been matured for 260days had stronger effect on intestine reproduction and increased the survival rate compared to a young miso. This shows that matured miso has higher radioactive prevention effects.

“Miso to Houshasei Busshitsu (miso and radioactive substances)” written by Ishii Miso

“Hoshasei Busshitsu wo Jokyosuru Miso no Kono (miso’s radioactive substance removal effects)” written by Rokko Miso



Ms. Sawako Hiraga and Dr. Tatsuichiro Akizuki both received health benefits by following a diet specialist’s advice or through his experience of overcoming tuberculosis.

Among many fermented ingredients, miso is one of the best, and among the miso, long-matured red colored miso “Haccho Miso” is the best. However, miso is only effective for removing iodine 131 and cesium 134. Miso is a real radioactive countermeasure.

The important thing is, it works better if we take it in advance to the radioactive exposure. X-ray is a common example. Radiation exists in many things such as air, foods or even in a stone. Those radiation is accumulated in our bodies but some naturally become weakened or discharged. “Nakakirei Enzyme” increase our metabolism so if you take it with miso soup, you may be able to expect to a synergic effect.
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