Childbirth is a very special life event for women. I have heard that many women experience feeling of anxiety by their drastic physical changes. Moving body becomes difficult and the appetite becomes greater. The body tries to accumulate fat to prepare for the childbirth.

After childbirth, body weight and body shape will return to a former state, but it’s not always the case. Naturally, after childbirth, the mother’s body requires to take nutrients for breast-feeding or repairing her physical strength, and it may increase her appetite a little too much.

This time, I would like to talk about after childbirth dieting.


When should we start dieting after childbirth?

First of all, you should NOT start dieting right after the childbirth. Giving a birth requires so much energy and physical power, so please take a good rest for at least one month.

Maybe it’s a reasonable timing to start it after one month check-up. You can ask the doctor whether you have recovered from the childbirth and have enough strength to start dieting.

With the doctor’s permission, you can start dieting. However, after six month from the childbirth, it becomes harder to lose body fat. So it’s better to start making effort as early as possible.

Please don’t go excess, and carefully consider your body and health conditions, but start dieting efforts after one month within 6 months from the childbirth.


After childbirth weight-loss methods

There are several weight-loss methods suitable for after childbirth women, but I recommend stretching and walking the most. These are both modest exercises so they are not burden to your body. You can do them at your own pace.

Japanese food is generally healthy. It contains variety of nutrients but low in fat and sugar. You shouldn’t extremely decrease the amount of meals in order to produce good breast meal. Eat well-balanced meals that are full of good nutrients.
Fermented food is also good.


The tips to make your after childbirth dieting a success

As previously mentioned, it’s important to start weight-loss effort within six months after the childbirth. Do modest exercises and eat well-balanced food continuously.

Doing too intense dieting will cause you stress and has negative impact on childcare.

There are various weight-loss methods, but if you are interested in enzyme diet, check my previous blog “Five rules for enzyme dieting beginners”.


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