Recently, the Kano sisters’ are in the spot light. They have been conspicuous and popular among certain people, but after appearing “The Comic Market” this summer they have become more widely acknowledged.

The comic market called “Komike”, is the world biggest event where many manga, animated cartoons, and original magazines are distributed. You may imagine fanatic cosplayers when hearing the word “Komike”. The Kano sisters’ appearance in the market in unique costume got a public attention and their cosplay won public favor.

Don’t you think they have exceptionally well-proportioned!? How do they maintain that fabulous body shapes? Let’s check it out.


The Kano sisters’ fabulous body shapes

The Kano sisters – Kyoko and Mika – are amazingly well-proportioned and it’s hard to take our eyes off from them. As they often say, they are just “fabulous”!

“Fabulous” is one of the highest compliments we use. They have been using the term since long ago, but after the comic market event, even the word “fabulous” has become widely acknowledged in our society.

They disclose their body sizes in their blog. Kyoto is 168.5cm tall and weighed 50.5-52kg. Mika is 170cmtall and weighed 51kg. The normal ideal weights for their heights will be 62kg and 65kg, so you can get an idea how slime they are.

What should we do to make our bodies that fabulous!? The Kano sisters often upload their fabulous photos on their Instagram. If you are interested, check them out!


The Kano sisters’ weight-loss method 1: Eating meat

According to them, they eat meat every day. You may think eating meat will make you bigger, but as long as you are cautious about some points, you don’t need to worry about it too much.

Firstly, drink some lemon water and eat vegetables such as tomatoes or lettuce before eating meat. This activates your digestive organs and improves metabolism. Eating something before eating meat restrains fat absorption to body and makes your body to take nutrients efficiently.

Secondly, how much meat you eat matters. The Kano sisters eat five times a day, and when they eat meat they don’t eat more than 120g at one time. “Do they eat that much!?” I could hear you saying. According to them, they have found it easier to reduce the total calorie intake a day by having five meals a day. They also say they can control their appetite easily by reducing the amount of one meal.

Lastly, they eat bread, white rice and deserts when they want to. They are normally considered as an enemy of weight-loss. They pretty much eat what they want but eat bread and rice at the end of meal and avoid eating desserts that are rich in sugar and fat.


The Kano sisters’ weight-loss method 2: Taking enzymes

Their beauty secret is “taking enzymes”.
They drink fresh vegetable & fruit juice every day. This is the method many celebrities follow. Recently, they are keen to drink enzyme-rich beverages.

Fresh vegetable & fruit juice is wonderfully enzyme-rich. Enzymes have detoxification effects that help you to discharge body waste. Taking enzymes improve your intestinal environment and alleviate constipation.

Vegetables and fruits are also rich in dietary fiber and various vitamins. These nutrients will improve your health and metabolism. I strongly recommend to take them especially for women.

As you see, the Kano sisters’ beauty secrets lie in their “diet”. It may be difficult to eat meals five times a day, but how they eat meat or how they follow enzyme-rich diet is easy to challenge. Give yourself a try!

If you are interested in enzyme diet, please check my previous blog “Five rules for enzyme dieting beginners”.


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