I recently attended a wedding reception. It was so touching and amazing that I wanted to cry!

During the wedding reception, a friend of the bride sang a song “butterfly” which was very impressive and moving. This song has become a popular wedding song in Japan. As it was so touching, I even listened it again once I got home. The singer who originally sings the song is Kaera Kimura.

I didn’t know but she has a child! I can’t believe she has already gave a birth. She is so slim and well-proportioned.

This time, I would like to discuss the weight-loss method Kaera Kimura follows!


Beautiful Kaera Kimura has two kids!

She started her career as a fashion model then became a singer. She has produced many hits that have been used in TV commercials or dramas. I guess many of her songs may sound familiar to you, too.

She is married to an actor Eita. They are raising two kids together. It’s hard to imagine they are playing with kids or looking after them! (In a good meaning)

She is a beautiful woman with amazing voice, but her proportion is amazing, too. I guess many woman adore her body shape. Surprisingly, she is a meat-lover and a big eater. What does she do to keep herself so slim?


“Soy bean curd” is the key for after childbirth dieting

According to her, Kaera actually put on weight after childbirth. We can’t see any evidence from her current body shape but she was actually worried about it so much. Then what she tried was eating “soy bean curd”.

As a meat-lover she added “soy bean curd hamburger” to her menu.
The ingredients are soy bean curd, minced chicken, onions, eggs, salt and pepper. Use a small amount of chicken but a lot of soy bean curd instead to reduce the calorie intake.

Furthermore, soy bean curd contains various nutrients. It is unfortunately disposed often, but the nutrients contained in soy bean curd is as good as that of soy milk.

For example, it contains isoflavone that supports maintaining fair skin, lecithin that suppresses cholesterol, dietary fibers that improve intestinal environment and so on. Soy bean curd is so beneficial to both beauty and skin. There is no reason not to take it to your daily diet!


Drink corn tea to improve your detoxification effect

Drinking “corn tea” is another thing that Kaera does for her dieting. Have you ever had corn tea?

As the name shows, corn tea is made of fried corn.

The corn tea improves skin condition and poor circulation. It contains not only vitamins but iron and potassium as well. Therefore, it warms up your body efficiently. Having poor circulation can be a cause of bad metabolism, so drink corn tea even in summer to alleviate sensitivity to cold.

Furthermore, the corn tea has remarkable detoxification effect. It contains a lot of water soluble dietary fibers that activate your bowel movement. Some of you may rely on a constipation medicine but you can’t take it while pregnant. Drink corn tea instead to discharge body waste smoothly from your body and improve your beauty from inside.

If you are interested in other weight-loss methods, please check my previous blog “Actress Michiko Kichise’s follows “Fermented Brown Rice Diet” since she was 28. What is it!?


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