Do you like idols?


Of course yes!

In my generation, Junko Sakurada and Momoe Yamaguchi were the top idols. Well, this maybe is a little too old information for you though….

Anyway, after the year 2010 to now is an “era of idols”, and as the name says, many idols have made their debuts.

Ami Kikuchi is a former idol who made her debut during the period and still active in show business. This time I would like to talk about her! It seems that she used to have difficulties with maintaining her body shape, but after making her weight-loss a success, she has become even more popular.

What did she do to lose her weight?


Ami Kikuchi has repeated weight-loss rebound experiences!?

Ami Kikuchi was a member of a pop group “Idoling” but left the group in 2014.

She loves eating so she has many weight-loss rebound experiences. In fact, she was on a diet program arranged by a TV show and she looked struggling to lose weight in that show.

I guess being an idol can be a good exercise as she or he needs to dance on the stages and they may unintentionally burn a lot of calories. However, since she left the group, she had less opportunities to dance on the stage and it caused her weight gain.

But, finally she has become so fit and beautiful! She also maintains her well-proportioned body shape. I think many dieters want to know about her dieting secrets. What did she do then?


Improve dietary lifestyle

I have found that she was trying many different weight-loss methods. Now, I will show you the ones that made her diet a success.

Firstly, she changed her dietary lifestyle. There are some points but “avoid eating carbohydrate at night” is one thing. No carbohydrate diet can be a cause of weight-loss rebound as it’s actually tougher than you imagine, but skipping it only at dinner can be endurable so that continuous efforts will be expected.

Instead, take protein-rich foods and vegetables to fill your stomach. Eating such nutrients-rich foods instead of carbohydrate is a good and healthy weight-loss method. Vegetables are rich in dietary fibers that improve your intestinal environment. Perfect for dieters.


Enzyme diet

Another thing she tried is “taking enzymes”.

She regularly drinks enzyme-rich beverages. After the successful dieting, she was chosen as an advertising character of an enzyme beverage. Now she loves enzyme-rich beverages so much so she even drinks it with alcohol.

One of the many benefits of enzyme diet is “improving metabolism”. You will get a naturally-slim body by discharging body waste smoothly.

In addition, improving intestinal environment alleviates constipation. Furthermore, alleviating skin troubles, swelling or poor circulation, and anti-aging effect are also the benefits you can expect from taking enzymes.

Maybe Ms. Kikuchi’s beautiful skin proves the benefits of enzyme drinks.

If you are thinking about starting an enzyme-dieting, please check my blog “Five rules for enzyme dieting beginners”.


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