When starting a diet, what type of body shape will you aim to become?

I guess many people want to be like popular fashion models. There are many fashion models in the world. This time I would like to pay attention to Karen Michibata.

Karen Michibata is the eldest sister of beautiful Michibata sisters. They are all very beautiful and well-proportioned. What remarkable about Karen is that she is a mother of two! Her well-fit body shape doesn’t tell us about that.

What does she do to maintain her body shape then?


Karen Michibata’s weight-loss method

A fashion model and a mother of two, Karen Michibata has gone through difficulties with making her body shape fit to the pre-childbirth level.

She is a really stoic person actually. She does regular exercises, and even participates in triathlons Therefore, she exercises every day such as going swimming before work or going jogging.

In addition, she tries to keep regular hours. She goes to bed at half past nine and gets up at four. She is such an early bird. I think living such a well-regulated life style improves her metabolism as well as skin condition.


You can try it! Karen Michibata’s enzyme diet

However, I understand living like her is very difficult for most of us. I suppose the reason she is able to continuously live a well-regulated life is that she is used to work out regularly and really self-disciplined.

However, I have found one thing we can easily try! It’s the enzyme diet.

She drinks green smoothie which contains nutrients-rich spinach, Japanese mustard spinach, kiwi, apple and so on.

Green smoothie brings various benefits to us – dieting, anti-aging, eliminating constipation etc. Furthermore, according to some medical magazines, lifestyle disease prevention or cancer prevention can be expected by drinking green smoothie.


Effective way of drinking the green smoothie

When drinking green smoothie, I’m sure you want to make the most of it! It has become popular among health-conscious people because of convenience. Are there any good ways to drink it?

When making it, do not dispose the skins of fruits but put them into juice blender because the skins are really nutrients-rich!

Beginners sometimes put too much green vegetables as the name contains the word “green”, but putting more fruits than green vegetables is fine. Ideal ratio of the green vegetables to fruits is 4:6. You will feel the sweetness or sourness of fresh fruits better this way.

Making continuous efforts is very important for a successful weight-loss, so trying a method that is easy and fun to follow is good. If you think you can be as stoic as Karen Michibata, then go for it!

I have written about another celebrity who loves drinking green smoothie. Check my blog “Actress Satomi Ishihara is doing! Green smoothie for your healthy diet!”


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