Have you ever heard about “okara (soy bean curd) diet”?

Soy bean curd – “okara” in Japanese – is a common Japanese ingredient which you can find in a lunch box, supermarkets and I actually love it! I must admit it’s not a cool and stylish dish though.

However, the okara is a diet-friendly food. Let me introduce you how diet-friendly it is!


What is “okara diet”?

First of all, let me tell you what okara really is.

Okara – soy bean curd – is a by-product from tofu processing. When making soy milk by squeezing soy beans, soy bean curd is produced. In Japanese, the soy bean curd is called “okara” as well as “unohana” or “kirazu”.

There are two types of okaras. The moist one which is suitable for making simmered dishes and the dried one is suitable for fried dishes. Which do you prefer?

“Okara diet” is really easy to do.
You just change your regular meals to okara-centered meals.

For example, using okara instead of meat when making a hamburger, or using okara instead of rice when making a casserole etc. You can even make pancakes or cookies with okara!

There aren’t any regulations for okara diet, so you can start today. Please choose the suitable type of okara depending on what you make.


The benefits of okara diet

So, what benefits can we expect from okara diet?

Firstly, okara is quite filling. Some of you may think “does eating okara make me full like eating meat?”, but it’s actually as filling as meat.

Because okara is really rich in dietary fibers. The dietary fibers absorb water and expand in our bodies. Therefore, it’s surprisingly filling.

The dietary fibers bring another happy benefit – alleviating constipation. Looking back, I always said “improve your intestinal environment if you want to lose weight”, and I will keep saying it. Lol. Once your constipation is alleviated, your body weight will naturally be decreased and the metabolism will be increased.

Other than dietary fibers, okara contains a nutrient called “soy bean saponin” which suppresses fat absorption through a blood vessel. Furthermore, it is said to have lifestyle diseases and cancer prevention effects.

Okara diet is really beneficial but moreover it’s really easy to follow. You can find many different recipes nowadays and you can do it side by side with other weight-loss efforts. Enjoy okara diet!


Cautions for okara diet

There are a few things you need to be cautious about when starting the okara diet.

Fresh okara has a short expiration date. It’s best to use it up within the day you purchased it. When you purchase it too much, freeze the leftover after fried it.

Another thing is that okara absorbs oil and seasonings quickly. If you use a lot of oil and seasonings when cooking with okara, the total amount of calories increase, or course. Therefore, make sure to count the calories of oil and seasonings when making okarara dishes.

Lastly, don’t eat excessive amount of okara even it’s good for dieting. Well, this applies to everything. Lol. As mentioned, okara is rich in dietary fibers. If you eat it too much, you may have diarrhea. Please keep in mind that 50g is a standard intake amount of a day.

If you want to try the okara diet now, please check my blog “The best soybean curd dieting recipes for you!


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