Last winter, flu was prevalent in Japan again. I assume there were many people around you who got high fever and went to a hospital to be tested whether she got the flue or not. It’s highly difficult to perfectly prevent the flue even you always gargling, washing hands or wearing a mask.

Recently, norovirus is also considered heinous. It makes patients suffer a lot as it makes them vomit and have loose bowels.

In addition, the infectivity of norovirus is powerful enough to affect someone who cleans up patients’ vomit. So people are infected as if they are knocked over like dominoes by the virus.

There used to be a co-worker who was single living alone, and he said he couldn’t get out from the bath room for three days when he was infected by the virus.

As he knew how infectious the virus is so didn’t ask for anyone to help him. Instead, he decided to stay in the bathroom all day in his pajamas and prayed it would finish soon. (I’m sorry if you are reading this while eating.)

After the horrible experience, he said “The flu and norovirus won’t become too heinous if we get a mild ones before their outbreaks”, and went to a hospital in early autumn even he didn’t get any health problem or got on a packed commuter train without masks to get a mild ones.

Well, I thought he had better to get vaccination though…

After a while, I called him to his mobile phone but his mother answered instead, and said he had been hospitalized with pneumonia as a result of developing the flu.

His flu turned into a very serious one….I felt really sorry for him.


“Immunity” is the key for building a disease-free body

“More haste, less speed”
There is no short cut for improving your health.

In conclusion, neither vaccination nor “getting a mild one” are perfect virus prevention methods. What we need is to make ourselves strong against those viruses.


Immunity – the power to avoid diseases

The flu, colds or serious diseases like a cancer are all caused by immunity deterioration. It means your body defense system are lost the war against the pathogen.

It has been said that most of the immune systems are deeply related to intestines, so the intestinal environment is the key to protect ourselves from the virus.


Immunity deteriorates by aging
Virus vs immunity – this is what’s happening in our bodies

Once the war started, what we can do is just take medicines to support our immune system. Hold on, immune system!

However, human’s immunity sadly deteriorates by aging. In addition, lack of sleep, stresses, fatigue, ill-balanced diet, or environmental substances can also be causes of the deterioration. There are many causes of the immunity deterioration in our daily lives actually.

Oh no, an immune system has been beaten by the viruses, and another one as well. Captain! Our entire immune system is on the verge of the breakdown!


Improve intestinal environment by diet which are rich in enzymes, lactic acid bacteria and dietary fibers

So what we can do to protect our immune system is to get as much support as possible.
First of all, we must improve our diet

Natto, miso, yogurt, pickled sour plum, chicken, garlic, leek, raw fish and fresh fruits are recommended to eat. All of them contain enzymes, lactic acid bacteria and dietary fibers that improve our intestinal environment and support us building a powerful immune system.

Therefore, we can build powerful immune systems by taking these ingredients through daily meals


Take “supplements” to support your diet

If you worry whether you will be able to continue a diet like above, I recommend you to take an “enzyme supplement” to make up the enzyme deficit.

Enzymes clean up the intestine and eliminate possible enemies that may support bad guys which harm our health, as well as increase the number of good guys that improve our health.

Lactic acid bacteria support us with keeping good intestinal environment.

Dietary fibers support us with discharging unnecessary body waste.

If you catch a cold or the flue every year, start taking enzyme supplements to build a body that has high immunity.

There is a safe and effective supplement that are high in enzymes, lactic acid bacteria and dietary fibers.

Needless to say, my master piece “Nakakirei Enzyme”.

I hope you will try soon!


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