A model Jessica Michibata always looks perfect. Her well-proportioned body shape is something everyone longs for. What does she do to maintain it?

I have made a research on her dieting method!


Jessica Michibata’s body-shape maintenance method

Jessica Michibata became 33 years-old in 2018.
What does she do to maintain her perfectly-fit body shape?

I’ve heard that she doesn’t weigh herself on the scale. She focuses on her appearance instead. Having heard that, I think it’s true that the body weight doesn’t always equal to how slim someone looks.

She avoids eating carbohydrate for breakfast, eats protein-rich meat or fish instead. She also eats fruits and green smoothie.

As for exercising, she has participated marathons and triathlons. To complete them, she does regular trainings. That’s why she keeps her healthily-fit appearance.


Protein creates a beautiful body shape?

Maybe the body weight itself doesn’t matter too much but calorie intake cannot be ignored.

Many dieters change their diet to vegetable-centered and avoid eating meat and fish. However, Jessica Michibata prefers to eat meat and fish. How can she still maintain her body shape then? The key lies in “protein”.

Protein is an important nutrient to maintain female body shape. It supports improving metabolism and skin condition, however, the protein-rich meat and fish also contain fat.
This is why some dieters avoid eating them.

But, protein is an essential nutrient.
If you pay attention to how to take it, you don’t need to worry too much about the calorie intake.

For instance, choose chicken not beef, especially fillet is low in calories. When purchasing meat at a super market, choose something that doesn’t contain much fat! Deep-fried meat is higher in calories comparing that of boiled meat


Do some exercises which you can easily continue

Jessica Michibata has been committing to exercises, but it’s not something everyone can follow. If you have never done any exercises, doing exercises regularly will become too much burden to you.

Therefore, do something you can start easily and continuously!

I recommend walking. Walking is an aerobic exercise just like running or jogging. Therefore, it’s good for dieting. Walking doesn’t require any preparation, so it’s suitable for exercise beginners.

Walk 20 minutes a day to begin with. Use your shopping or commuting opportunities for walking. Stretch your back and walk a little faster. Strolling is not a good way as a walking exercise.

To make the walking exercise your routine, walk on different streets every day.

Detouring, exploring small streets and seeing different sceneries will make your walking exercise more enjoyable. I am shoe-holic so I pick up shoes that boost my motivation.

If you want to know other celebrities body shape maintenance methods, check “Be fabulous! The Kano Sisters’ weight-loss method”.


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