Jun Hasegawa is a mixed race fashion model. Her exotic feature is popular but I guess many women long for her perfect body shape.

So, I have checked out Jun Hasegawa’s weight-loss method!


Yoga for after childbirth dieting

She is a mother of two. In fact she gained 12kg during the pregnancy and after childbirth. I think many women who have experienced childbirth know how difficult it is to lose weight after childbirth.

Jun Hasegawa did yoga after childbirth. Yoga has been a popular physical activity among celebrities. She does “Ashtanga Yoga” which requires to synchronize the timing of breathing and moving body.

Ashtanga yoga not only works on dieting, but also improves mental health. It is said that yoga activities that require concentration on posture and breathing contribute to mental stability and improving concentration.

After childbirth, women may experience depression or irritated feelings. Yoga is recommended to overcome those problems.


Eat organic vegetables

Comparing to other fashion models, Jun Hasegawa doesn’t look too thin. Her healthy appearance is really beautiful! I think her healthy diet is deeply related to her beauty.

She is picky about her diet. She especially cares about eating a lot of organic vegetables.

Organic vegetables are grown without pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Many people think organic vegetables are good for health but don’t know why.

Comparing to non-pesticide-free vegetables, organic vegetables are rich in nutrients. They contain more antioxidant and have an anti-aging effect. Vegetables are something we eat every day. Choose something rich in nutrients!


Moisturize your body

Jun Hasegawa is keen on moisturizing her body. She drinks more than 2L of water every day.

Drinking a lot of water supports smooth discharge of body waste, metabolism improvement and constipation alleviation. Getting rid of unnecessary body waste from the body quickly is not only good for dieting but also good for skin.

Drinking pure water is good but drinking something good for health is even better. I recommend “Kombucha”. It’s different from Japanese “Kombucha(昆布茶)” which is made from seaweed.

Kombucha is produced by fermenting black tea or green tea using a yeast. It is rich in enzymes that improve intestinal environment. Therefore, many Hollywood celebrities drink it to maintain their beauty.

Kombucha also contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids that support our health. You can drink it with water, soda or warm beverages.

Let’s improve your beauty and health by reviewing Ms. Hasegawa’s weight-loss methods.

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