I suppose it’s not only me to look for a quick fatigue remedy due to stress or a lot of overtime work.

Right after drinking sport drinks or energy drinks, we can enjoy a moment of relief. However, the feeling doesn’t last for long. If we could have an enough good night sleep, it would be the best, but I know we do not always have time for that.

By the way, have you ever felt unusually energetic after drinking sport drinks or energy drinks? On my days off, I want to get up late and take it easy, but somehow I feel more energetic, and go shopping or play golf instead, lol.

Furthermore, it’s also said that humans can’t store up sleeping nor eating, lol.

But, listen!

I have found a wonderful remedy which is more effective than sport drinks or energy drinks!!


Fatigue remedy diet No.1: Eating pineapples before eating

You may ask “Is it a tropical fruit diet?” No, it’s not. Please listen to me.

Not only pineapples but fruits in general are rich in many nutrients.

Among those, pineapple is especially rich in various nutrients.

For example, it’s an excellent source of vitamin A and C. Vitamins protect our body from stress which causes fatigue. They are the knight in shining armors to us.

Furthermore, pineapple is also rich in various enzymes. Enzymes are used to improve metabolism and basal metabolism. They have effects on fatigue recovery.

In addition, enzymes contained in pineapples effectively decompose protein. Among various ingredients, meat takes the longest to be decomposed in our digestive organs such as stomach and liver.

Stomach and liver have important roles in our body such as decomposing food for digestion absorption, and braking down toxic substances. Therefore, taking proteinase helps those organs’ decomposition work.

To effectively utilize such a great enzyme, it’s the best to take it before meal.

You may say “That is the other way around!” But it’s actually true.

Usually, taken food reaches to the intestines two to four hours after eating, however, when it comes to the fruits, it only takes 30 minutes.

As such enzyme-rich fruits reach to the intestines faster than other foods and support digestion, we can use our inner body enzyme for its primary jobs, such as creating cells, maintaining immune strength and homeostasis, moving body or thinking etc.

I guess you have seen pieces of pineapple in a Chinese food like fried sweet sour pork. These pieces are for supporting digestion so that digestive organs can effectively work on their own business.

By the way, some people do not like having pineapples in their fried sweet sour pork. I don’t hate it but I’m not a big fan of eating pineapples with rice, lol.


Fatigue remedy diet No.2: Eating sticky yam

Yam has a good fatigue remedy effect.
It’s also called as “the king of rood vegetables”.

Like pineapple, yam is also rich in digestive enzymes. Root vegetables are rich in enzymes in general but yum is exceptional.

It contains enzymes three times as much as that of radish. Yam is an excellent source of fatigue remedy nutrients.

You may say “I don’t like yam because it’s sticky!” But the stickiness is good for you!

The yam’s stickiness can be reduced by cooking with heat, but enzymes are weak to heat. Therefore, eating yam without heat treatment works better for your fatigue recovery.

The yam’s stickiness is derived from a substance called “mucin” which alleviates our exhaustion by protecting stomach mucosa, fixing damaged digestive organs as well as converting protein into energy.

Yam is also rich in vitamin B1 and arginine that remove fatigue substances such as lactic acid or ammonia.

There is no reason not to take yam!


Fatigue remedy diet No.3: Eating rice and miso soup!

You may say “It’s not a new theory, isn’t it!?” But it’s true.

Now, we know that pineapples and yams are amazing ingredients for our health, but we can’t take them everywhere with us and we will also be tired of eating them if we eat them every day.

So, I will tell you a brilliant alternative method.
It’s a traditional Japanese diet “rice and miso soup”.

Please do not leave me now but listen to me just a little bit more. Miso paste used for miso soup is the key point here.

Miso is a fermented and matured ingredient that is created by utilizing the power of koji-mold, aspergillus oryzae. Enzymes produced by the koji-mold decomposes substances contained in grains and this is how the miso is made.

Fermented food is highly rich in various enzymes which support fatigue recovery.

This means, the most commonly eaten Japanese food is the best for fatigue recovery.

Japanese people usually eat rice and miso soup at least once a day unless she or he is really in favor of western dishes.

Even if you are the person who says “I love the western dishes so much and cannot imagine eating a meal without bread and milk”, please replace the bread and milk with rice and miso soup.

It’s for your health!

In addition, brown rice is more effective than white rice because the ingredients contained in the brown rice is so much higher than that of the white rice.



Now, I think you have come to understand that making fatigue recovery diet is not that difficult.

However, you may wonder how to eat such fatigue recovery meals when you are in a hurry in the morning before going to work or when you are out.

In such cases, I take a highly effective enzyme supplement that is derived from miso.

If you can always eat fruits before meal or prepare rice, miso soup and grated yam for fatigue recovery, it’s the best.

But I know it’s not always possible. In such cases, supplements can be good alternatives. It’s easy to carry around and you can take it anytime. If you have one, this will come in handy in a pinch.

I basically eat rice and miso soup when I eat at home.

And I eat two or three smaller pieces of fruits before meal (I eat them after meal sometimes! Lol.) When I feel exhausted by huge workload, I eat rice with grated yam once a week.

And when I’m on a business trip or out of home all day, I take enzyme supplements. After I changed my diet like this, I rarely feel exhausted.

I hope you try this!


Naka Kirei Enzyme from Japan!!

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