“I really want to go on a diet, but still want to eat enough!”
This is what people who try to lose weight always wish for.
There actually is such a dream ingredient!
Good news, isn’t it!?
On this issue, I would like to introduce recipes using the dream ingredient.
The ingredient is called “Okara” in Japanese, means soybean curd.
Soybean curd is low in fat but heightens the sense of fullness. Therefore, it’s a really good ingredient for dieting.
Good deeds should be done quickly. Let’s start soybean curd dieting today!
Don’t be disappointed to hear the miracle food was soybean curd. Soybean curd is a good ingredient for healthy and tasty recipes.


What are the befit of soybean curd?

“What are the reasons that soybean curd is good for dieting?”
It is hard to decide where to start with as there are so many good things about soybean curd.
I will start with a familiar example.


Dissolving constipation and preventing surplus fat absorption

Soybean curd is rich in dietary fiber, and therefore, it cleanses intestines and support normalizing the intestine functions. In addition, it prevents intestines from absorbing extra sugar and fat.
Dietary fiber is water-insoluble, and it absorbs water in stomach and intestines and expands like a polymer agent. Therefore, it gives you a feeling of fullness. Furthermore, it improves bowel movements and dissolve constipation, as a consequence, it prevents intestines from absorbing extra fat.


Decreasing the neutral fat value

Soybean curd contains saponin which works as a sugar and fat absorption inhibiter. Saponin also improves the bowel movement and prevents extra neutral fat absorption, which eventually improves dieting effects.


Improving metabolism

Soybean curd is made of soybeans, and therefore, it contains lots of good plant protein. This soybean protein improves the amount of muscles and metabolism, and as a consequence, your body will become fast-fat-burning.


Creating curvy body lines

Soybean curd contains isoflavone that works like female hormones. More specifically, this improves the skin condition or the size of breasts, and helps in creating curvy body line.
After knowing all the good things listed above, you now have realized that how wonderful ingredient soybean curd could for dieting.
Furthermore, by adding enzyme to soybean curd, its nutritional level becomes even higher and its health and beauty effects will be doubled.
That’s the card, and like you have got a private nutrition specialist.


Delicious soybean curd recipes

Try the following recipes!

Soybean curd recipe No.1: Bonito and soybean curd flakes

This is a very simple, healthy yet delicious recipe. Bonito flakes is an enzyme-abundant food, so soybean curd and bonito flakes make a wonderful combination. You can just top this with hot steamed rice, or put it into omelet or salad etc.

【Ingredients for 1 person】
Bonito flakes: 5g
Dried soybean curd: 5g
Instant soup stock: 1 table spoon

【How to make】
1. Put all the ingredients listed above into a bowl and mix them.
2. Microwave it for 80 seconds and mix it again.

Heating time can be different due to the power of the microwave. Once bonito flakes get crispy, it’s ready!

Soybean curd recipe No.2: Soybean curd with chilly soup

Kimuch is a fermented chilly pickles. It contains a lot of enzymes. It’s easy to cook in a pan and good for stomach and bowels.

【Ingredients for 4 persons】
Grated garlic: 1 piece
Sesame oil: 1/2 tea spoon
Mirin(Sweet sake), Soy sauce: 1 tea spoon each
Fresh Soybean curd: 2 cups
Kimuchi: 100g
Soy sauce: 1 table spoon
Salt: A moderate amount
Green Onion: 1 piece

-Soup stock-
Water: 4 cups
Small dried sardines: 5
Dried sea weed: 3 ㎠
Dried shrimps: 1 table spoon

【How to make】
1.Prepare soup in a pan. Pour 4 cups of water and boil it, then put small dried sardines, sea weed, and dried shrimps into the pan, simmer it for about 10 minutes.
2. Chop up the pork into small pieces and add grated garlic, sesame oil, mirin and soy sauce etc.
3. Prepare another pot and put ingredients prepared in step2 into the pan, as well as kimuchi and soybean curd and fry them over a medium heat.
4. Pour the 2/3 of soup prepared in step1 into the pot.
5. Close the pan with a lid, simmer it for 4-5 minutes. Soybean curd absorbs a lot of water, so the soup poured in in the step4 will be reduced quickly. Add the rest of the soup.
6. Lastly, add soy sauce and salt, then top with shredded green onion to finish.

When making homemade soybean curd, use less soup and adjust the taste as you like. Use less pork and kimuchi and enjoy the flavor of soybean curd.

Soybean curd recipe No.3: Hijiki (Dried sea weed), soybean curd and cheese dumplings

It’s a recipe of soybean dumplings using microwave. This contains lots of dietary fibers and minerals. Cheese is a fermented food that contains lots of enzyme, and also, hijiki is an enzyme-abundant sea weed. Eating hijiki flakes can be troublesome, so by mixing it into dumplings makes you easier to take in its good nutrition.

【Ingredients for 2 persons】
Fresh soybean curd: 100g
Starch: 50g
Instant soup stock powder (Japanese): 4g
Water: 100cc
Process cheese: 25g
Dried hijiki: 5g
Bonito flakes: Upon your preference

【How to make】
1. By using the 10 times amount of water, soak hijiki into water for 30 minutes, then drain the water.
2. Cut the cheese into 1㎤ pieces.
3. Put the soybean curd, starch, soup stock flakes and water into a heat-resistant bowl and mix them well.
4. Cover the bowl with wrap and microwave it for 1.5minutes with a rated high frequency output 600w.
5. Take the bowl out from the microwave once and add hijiki.
6. Mix the ingredients in step5 well.
7. Cover the bowl again and microwave it again for 2 minutes then knead it with a wooden paddle or something similar.
8. Once the dough has been made, by wet hands, divide it into 25g pieces, make them oval-shaped and put cheese inside and wrap it.
9. Cover each piece with wrap and microwave again for 30 seconds to let the cheese melt.
10. Top with the bonito flakes upon your preference to finish.

It’s easier to handle the dough once it has got cooler.


Editorial Note

What do you think?
Do you feel like trying them? They are all good for dieting and I guess this may make you want to try more.
Only thing I would like you to keep in mind is, do not eat too much even they are too good to resist!
Make your stomach full with soybean curd meals as much as possible and supply a shortage with rice.
However, it would be difficult to for business women to cook them all the time. They even do not have time to just eat nutrient meals like the ones introduced above.

But, no worries! There is an enzyme supplement “Nakakirei Enzyme” for you.
Please try to supply enzyme deficiency with this supplement which contains various enzymes also contained the above-mentioned recipes. This supplement will be a wonderful alternative for both soybean curd and enzymes.


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