When cold weather continues, we long for the arrival of spring.

I’m longing for the season when cherry blossoms bloom, well maybe I miss having party under the flowers more.

I wonder why beer tastes so much better when drinking it outside. I can even enjoy lukewarm beer or beer-like cheep alcohol! The sense of taste of human being is very much effected by the atmosphere.

Speaking of cherry blossom viewing parties, BBQ cannot be missed. I wonder why sausages eating at BBQ are so tasty. Even burnt onions or overly cooked fried noodles are tasty, too.

Be careful not to get tired even before the party starts due to the too much excitement at grocery shopping. Also be careful not to buy excessive amount of ingredients but make sure not to forget to buy a BBQ sauce.

Needless to say, don’t eat and drink too much. Well, I understand it’s difficult to stay modest at BBQ.


Intestines need 2 weeks to recover from the damage due to one BBQ session

Why do I warn you to be careful with eating and drinking too much at BBQ?

One BBQ session ruins your regular effort for maintaining good intestinal environment. It takes two weeks until your intestines are fully recovered from the damage caused by eating excessive amount of meat!

I think this is similar to regaining the lost weight. It takes so long to lose 2 kg of body weight, but gaining 3 kg can be done within a second. It’s really disappointing.


Nutrition therapy effect will become apparent after 3 months

It takes about 90 days for human cells to be replaced.

The cycle differs depending on the parts of the body (skin, bones, organs etc.), but when the condition of intestines is bad, nutrients are not efficiently digested and absorbed in our body. As a consequence, the replacement cycle becomes slower, and it takes longer until the cells are replaced.

This is the reason why even a nutrition therapy, which is adopted at hospitals, also requires three months before the effect becomes apparent.

Furthermore, it takes four months for the blood to be replaced.

When blood flows into the intestines, it absorbs toxic substances in the intestines. Therefore, if you want to really clean up your blood, you need to keep your intestines in good condition ideally for four months.

So, you need three months to cleanse your inner body, then need additional four months to cleanse the entire body.


You cannot fix the long-term damage within 1 or 2 days

You may think “Ok, let’s quickly improve the intestinal environment, then.” But, things are not so easy.

The accumulated long-term damage to the intestines cannot be fixed within one or two days.

As I know from my own experience, if you start eating brown rice every day, your intestines become cleaner after about a week.

However, if you damage your intestines by having BBQ like I previously mentioned, they need two weeks to be fixed.

Intestines are really sensitive, you know.


Supplement effect will become apparent after 3 months

The same applies to supplements.

However excellent the supplement is, you are not able to receive its benefit as long as you have a bad intestinal environment as nutrients cannot be digested and absorbed efficiently.

So, I recommend you to continuously take “Nakakirei Enzyme” at least for more than three months.

You cannot lose weight by one-day jogging, right? Making “continuous” and “consistent” effort is the shortest way to achieve the goal.

However, taking supplement every day is much easier than go jogging every day, isn’t it?

Let’s start cleaning up your intestines to completely clear up accumulated body waste from your body. Then, you will feel “better than ever”.


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