Memoir of a tough exercising DVD

You may remember an exercising DVD called “Billy’s Bootcamp” was popular 10 years ago. Perhaps you missed it? Many people around me also committed to exercise, joined the camp but left it soon.

I check for things in fashion for collecting conversational materials, so when I saw people who left the camp, I thought they were weak-minded and decided to give it a try myself.
Then a few days later, I, as well, left the camp.

First of all, it was designed as a 7-day dieting program, and the exercises were really hard. Furthermore, the captain Billy shouted at me again and again during the exercise, saying “this is a war!” and this made me mentally exhausted as well.

And so, I told him “Hey Billy, you really are a tough guy” and shrugged my shoulders, then put the DVD in the closet forever.


In addition to a tough spirit, a good sense of rhythm was required…

Seven or eight years ago, another exercising DVD called “Core Rhythms” was in fashion.
This was rather intended for women to lose weight without building too many muscles, but the instructor Ms. Jaana Kunitz’s enthusiastic dance moves were really hard to follow and much tougher than I expected. I again didn’t continue after a few days.
“Hey, Jaana! How come you can keep smiling while dancing that hard?” I asked her, shrugged my shoulders and then put the DVD in the closet forever.

After “Core Rhythms”, the one created by Namie Amuro’s ex-husband Sam “TRF Easy To Do Dancasize” came into fashion.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could be committed to the diet method even before I started it, but since it was a million-seller, I thought it wouldn’t be so difficult and was designed for everybody and tried it. However, I couldn’t follow the dance moves at all and failed.
“Hey Sam, you are….” Identical wording thereafter.


However effective the methods are, they won’t mean anything if they are too tough to do.

From the very first, each man has his own filed of work. (I should have realized it earlier, shouldn’t I?)
To keep up doing exercises, we have to be really stoic, and continuous efforts are required to keep our body in good shape.

Therefore, someone who is far from suitable for such exercises like me should try easy stretching first. It’s far more effective if you can continue easy stretching daily rather than trying hard-core exercises for a short period of time.

There are various types of stretching methods, so I will pick up some that work well on relieving constipation. Once it has been fixed, your skin condition will improve, and your weight will decrease. This is killing two birds with one stone. In addition, stretching improves the balance of automatic nerves, and alleviates stress, stiff shoulders and back ache.


Say good-bye to constipation by easy stretching!

【Twisting waist】
Sit on the floor and stretch your legs, raise one knee and cross it over the other, then stretch your back awhile breathing out. This move stimulates intestine functions.

【Stretching hip joint】
Sit cross-legged on the floor and put your soles together, then stretch your back and lean forward while breathing out. Stretch your hips for as long as you feel comfortable with the pain.

【Stretching thighs】
Lie on your back, then bend one knee into your chest. Turn the upper half of your body to the right, and the lower half to the left to twist the waist.
Keep the position when you are stretching the most for a few seconds.

Get a good night’s sleep and metabolism will be improved as well.
Do this exercise for 5 minutes and your body will be warmed up. This also improves the quality of sleep, improves metabolism during sleep, and gives you a pleasant awakening.

You don’t need to suffer unpleasant exercises to lose weight. You should just continue easy stretching and this habit will change your body shape or health condition in a good way. Let’s give it a try!


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