Set your calorie consumption goal at less than 400kcal per lunch

While on a diet, people try to reduce the amount of calorie consumption as much as possible, however, this can be a cause of weight regain. To those who about to play a dangerous game, I would rather recommend you to try healthy dieting recipes.
Don’t go too far, seriously. Don’t go too far! I’m saying this to myself as well.

In order to lose weight naturally, it is recommended to take around 1600 kcal per day in three separate times, namely, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat smaller amount for breakfast and eat more for lunch and dinner. As to lunch, the ideal calorie consumption will be around 400 kcal.

1600 kcal is an amount that women will lose weight without doing any exercises, and to men, it will be a real tough diet. I can say that eating crap will not motivate you to keep up going on a diet.

A set of a heavy ramen, dumplings and fried rice is an attractive lunch combo, and deep-fried pork with curry noodles is also tempting. Well, but these combos seem to be above 1600 kcal already. The price for the combos probably is lower than 1000 yen, but the amount of calories is definitely above 1000 kcal. Writing this article makes me want to eat those combos! Dangerous!

Returning to the story, even while reducing the calorie consumption, we definitely don’t want to eat crappy or shabby meals.
Enjoy natural and seasonal ingredients that are low in calories but filling, and try different spices and flavors for a change! Let’s enjoy dieting!


Use leftover ingredients when you are home – Natto Risotto

While grocery shopping, you may encounter many temptations that ruin your dieting efforts but dangerously attractive, such as delicious ramen, crispy dumplings and fatty fried rice. Therefore, if you don’t need to go grocery shopping, you will have less chances to get caught by these dangerous temptations. I would like to introduce you a fermented soybeans “Natto” risotto recipe which you can make out of leftovers.

Ingredients are 1 pack of fermented soybeans, 200cc of milk, 1 small onion, 1 small bowl of rice, consommé soup powder, salt and pepper.

First, slice the onion and fly them with salad oil.
Once the slices of onion has become tender, put natto in and fly them a little more.
When natto beans are dispersed, add milk, rice and consommé powder and boil it until the rice absorbs water moderately. Lastly, add some salt and pepper. I add attached natto sauce as I like thinker taste.
The combination of natto and mile makes the taste rich, and the onion works well to alleviate the unique smell of natto. This recipe is low in fat and delicious.


Beautiful coloring makes a good lunch box – Vegetable Spaghetti

The combination of variety of seasonal vegetables and soy sauce makes a delicious spaghetti. Snap peas are in season in spring, you should use this beautifully colored vegetable with crunchy texture.

Crunchy texture is a key for making delicious spaghetti with lots of vegetables. I use only lettuce and sausage. In order to reduce the amount of calories, I use only one small sausage.

The ingredients for 1 person are 1 piece of small sausage, 5 pieces of snap peas, and 2 leaves of lettuce. As for seasonings, 1 table spoon of Japanese instant noodle soup, black pepper upon your preference, and powdery cheese if you really want.

Boil the spaghetti until al dente. Chop up the sausage into pieces. Fly the snap peas and pieces of sausage with olive oil, then add the boiled spaghetti, and mix them quickly. Tear the lettuce into smaller pieces, and put them into the flying pan, then pour the Japanese instant noodle soup over, fly them until the snap peas get tender.

If you prefer softer texture, boil the vegetables together with spaghetti.
With beautiful coloration of the vegetables, this recipe will make a good presentation.


Healthy Mason jar brown rice salad

Mason jar is a handy tool for making pre-made diet meals. It enables you to prepare your lunch in advance and have rushing-free mornings.

The ingredients are, dried strips of radish, hijiki seaweed, radish, sesame, brown rice, and dried seaweed. You can use commercial dressings, but better to add extra vinegar, water, mirin, perilla oil, linseed oil, flaxseed oil, salt, or lemon etc. upon your preference.

First, put all the dressing ingredients into the jar and shake it well. Rinse the dried strips of radish with water, cut them into 1cm pieces. Rinse the hijiki seaweed. As for radish, cut them into 1cm of pieces after peeling the skin. Put three of them into the jar, then sprinkle the sesame over.
Then put the chilled brown rice on the sesame, and tear up the dried seaweed and put them on top to finish. Cover the jar with a lid and keep it in the fridge until next morning.

As using dried strips of radish and hijiki seaweed without soaking them in advance, you need to wait until they absorb water, but in this recipe, the characteristic is inversely utilized. Turn the jar upside down and shake it well before eating.

If you put dried ingredients in the upper layers of the jar, they don’t become soft enough to eat as they don’t have chance to absorb water or dressings. Therefore, please make sure to put dried ingredients in the bottom layers, then put whatever you would like. This is must.

I have also introduced some brilliant soybean curd recipes in my blog. Please check them out.
With tasteless diet meals, your dieting effort will not last long. Try diet-friendly recipes introduced in HAMA NEWS!


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