Swimming workouts work!

The opening of swimming season will be arriving soon. My favorite season of “water” is coming.

I love the water that is made by fermenting barley, namely, the beer. Drinking beer by the sea shore after swim makes me feel great and it feels like summer has come.
Irresistibly, I’m getting excited. Swimming a while, coming up to the seashore and drinking a beer under the beach parasol. Summer is great!

Well, set the topic of nice way of drinking beer aside now, and focus on swimming diet. Do you know that swimming is a fast-fat-burning exercise?

When we say “swimming”, this usually means breast stroke or crawl stroke, but here, we are not intending to do the swimming race. Only walking in the water burns a lot of calories. Swimming gives exercises to every part of the body, and therefore, is an efficient dieting method.

Many people walk to lose weight, but few try to do water walking. Why is that? The dieting effect is higher when you do it in water, but maybe the image of water walking is not so stylish.
Or, maybe many think it’s for elderlies. That’s why this exercise haven’t been popular. I think it’s a shame as the exercise is really fat-burning efficient.


What is “swimming workouts”?

“Swimming workouts” is a fat-burning dieting method by doing exercises in the water or swimming.

Thanks to the water resistance, in the water, just raising your arms and putting them down or moving legs burns a lot of calories. The water resistance creates the environment where we can use every part of our body muscles.

The water resists against the movement of legs even when just walking, and when you put your hands in the water, the level of resistance becomes greater. Abdominal muscles will support the leg muscles to move forward, and maintaining your balance will be harder.

The water resistance is greater than we think in the water, as we are required to move our whole body in good balance. This accelerates the fat-burning rate.

Muscles improve metabolism, so you sweat without noticing it, and get a good dieting effect.


Improve your blood circulation by swimming

Smooth blood circulation supports discharging body waste, and therefore it also support losing weight. Cellulite is one of the major body wastes. To get a fast-fat-burning body, it’s very important to improve your blood circulation.

Now, I am more cautious about my health, and trying to take various enzymes. As a result, I have successfully lost weight but I, as well, used to have many unwilling cellulites.

The podgy beer belly also has been removed thanks to the enzymes and swimming.

In the water, huge water pressure is applied onto our entire bodies, and therefore, moving the body is like having a whole body massage. Massage improves blood circulation, and as a consequence, the body waste will be removed from our bodies fast.

To those who are not good at any sports, swimming workouts are perfect as water has buoyancy. Doing exercises on the ground gives pressure to your legs and hip, and many people give up before they get the good dieting result because of the pain; however, swimming workouts increases the amount of your exercises without noticing, so it’s easier to continue the efforts.

There are no such things as “Don’t move like that” or “You won’t get the result unless you swim that long distance”. Just move your body in the water by using the power of water. It doesn’t matter much whether you swim or walk.
Drinking beer after the good amount of tiring exercise is great, and it’s not difficult to drink excess amount of it. But, be patient!


Brest stroke is good for slow and long distance swimming, but let’s start with walking.

You don’t have to swim, but considering the fact that swimming requires you to use every part of your body, the breast stroke is a recommended swimming method as it’s easy and suitable for long distance swimming.

Swim slowly and continue more than 30 minutes to start with.

I’m rather short-tempered, so I prefer crawl stroke style. Crawl stroke requires harder body movements and, therefore, the body burns huge calories.
The problem of swimming by crawl stroke is it can be inefficient when swimming with a wrong style. Swimming slowly by the breaststroke even it’s not perfect seems more efficient than swimming by the crawl stroke with the wrong style.
Swimming slowly by the crawl stroke is good, of course. To those who can’t swim in the first place, just enjoy walking in the water.

First, start with waking in the water, and when you can go on for more than 1 hour without feeling too tired, try swimming.

To build the fast-fat-burning body, swimming is the most efficient method, but there also are other methods.

Please refer to my blog “Your diet isn’t working? Important things to get a genuine fast metabolism” to find the most suitable dieting method for you.

Now, I swim five times a week, and swim by crawl stroke 1000 meters each time. It feels great and I really enjoy it. It is highly recommended!


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