Losing fat only in places you want to is tough!

Summer has arrived and women have started to dress lightly.
I personally think legs with a healthy amount of fat are beautiful, but it seems like the ideal are the skinny ones like an antelope.

But, “Your legs are like an antelope’s” is a funny description.
If legs looked like an antelope’s, people would point them out and say “You have antelopes’ legs!”, and precisely speaking, the correct description would be “Those legs look like antelopes’ legs with all the hair shaved”. Well, it doesn’t matter.

I’m sorry I went off track again, and now returning to the story of slimming women’s legs.

“I want to lose thigh fat”; “If only I could trim 1cm off my waist!” Many of us have particular places where we want to lose fat. Unlike losing fat totally, slimming in particular places is quite difficult.

You may start muscle training the parts where you want to lose fat, massaging, or applying body cream, etc. Do-whatever-I-can is a psychological aspect of women who want to gain a successful dieting result.

First of all, slimming in particular places is nothing but greedy.
But I understand your desire. I know you want to slim your legs in particular. There are many women who want to get legs like a fawn. Many actually prefer to have thin legs than thick legs. I prefer thick legs, though.

It’s difficult but there still are methods that work well to slim legs.

Just like ordinary dieting, once you find a suitable method you can certainly slim legs and get the ideal ones, but you may have to go through a tough and patient dieting period.

Please remember that ordinary dieting methods don’t work if you are not fully committed to them. Regular dieting and partial dieting are totally different.
When you want to lose fat in a particular place, add a specialized method to the regular exercises. Ok, let’s begin!


Tackling thigh fat

Slimming the thighs is especially hard.

An important point for slimming thighs is not building too much muscle around that area. For example, exercises using legs, such as jogging, get rid of fat in the legs but build muscles as well, and, therefore, the shape of the legs doesn’t change much or they even look fatter.

In order to slim the thighs, you need to choose a method with which you can get rid of fat without building muscles. I recommend stretching and lymph massage. It’s important to improve the metabolism within the thighs.

However, these methods don’t have an immediate effect and the dieting result only appears little by little. It requires continuous effort, but many will give up in the middle. This is the hardest point of slimming in particular places.


Slim down fat calves! Focus on calf exercises

If you successfully slim down your calves, your entire legs look much slimmer. You can hide your thighs by wearing skirts, but you can’t do the same to hide your calves. The shape of calves is the most important factor to be considered when measuring beautiful legs.

Slimming down the calves is much easier than slimming down the thighs. It requires continuous efforts, though there is no need for hard-core exercises or food restrictions.

Lymph massage is the most effective method of slimming down the calves. In most cases, fat is not the cause of thick calves, but swelling

When calves are swollen, exercises don’t work to slim them down, so you need to do something to improve your blood circulation instead. Lymph massage is the most effective method to get rid of the swelling. You can successfully slim your calves by just massaging them.

To ameliorate the swelling you need to change your dietary habits as well. It can be more difficult to change your dietary habits than massaging.

The effective way to slim down the calves through exercises is the same in principal as that of the thighs – burn fat but don’t build muscles. For example, exercises that you can do whilst sitting on a chair, such as rising and lowering toes are fat-burning ones. In short, stretching.

The most effective among the many stretching methods are the ones that are conducted by utilizing the height of a stair. Stretch your body so that the heels are about a stair’s height from the ground. This movement builds enough muscles to burn fat around the calves. This is enough.

Exercises are important to slim down in particular places, but dietary habits are also key. Please refer to athletes’ dietary habits in addition to the exercises. With these methods, you can surely get the ideal beautiful legs.
When you have time, please refer to my blog “Athletes’ special diet is good for dieting! – The ideal diet for a healthybody”.


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