The reason of your podgy belly is the location of your stomach and intestines have moved down.

It’s a nice season for doing exercises. When I wake up on a sunny day, I feel like doing some exercises.

When exhausted, I would rather stay home and do nothing, but the summer fresh air makes me active and feel like going out.

Anyway, I have been annoyed with my podgy belly recently. Thanks to my continuous weight loss efforts, I have successfully lost weight; however, I still have extra weight around my midsection. I’m also suffering from constipation.

My belly is not as big as former Hiroshima Carp professional baseball player Yutaka Enatsu’s, though I sometimes feel depressed to see my wobbly bits. You know, men also care about our body lines as well as women.

If you have the same problem, it may be because the location of your stomach and intestines have moved down. When the stomach moves down, the belly will stick out because the stomach pushes the intestines down. When the intestines are compressed, they don’t efficiently move and this will be a cause of constipation.

One of the major reasons of this is a lack of exercise. Without being focused, it’s very hard for us to continue a good amount of regular exercise.
However, inner muscles such as abdominal straight muscles, greater psoas muscles and iliac muscles that support organs are weakened relatively easy. Conversely, continuous light exercises or stretching will strengthen the inner muscles and push the stomach and intestines back up.


How to take care of your digestive system

Intestines are important organs for our survival. They clean up toxic materials and produce blood. Most of the blood in the body is created in the bone marrow; however, intestinal villus also create blood out of digested food. Therefore, intestines have a very important role.

This is a rather cosmological or mysterious story, but it is an interesting one with regard to intestines.

This is about how intestines are created while we are still in our mother’s womb as unborn babies. First, intestines are created, then other parts are made out of nutrition which intestines produce. Therefore, intestines have about a hundred million nerve cells and that number is superior to the bone marrow nerve cells. In addition, most of the nerve cells in the intestines are connected to the brain, which means they can operate by themselves.

Furthermore, intestines have an excellent immune function and cover 70 % of the entire body. In other words, intestines have the most important role in the digestive system.
The main function is evacuation. When the bowel movement is not functioning well, we are constipated, have a bloated belly or feel uncomfortable in the stomach.


Try abdominal massage to strengthen the intestines!

The purpose of abdominal massage is to ease the stiff intestines by rubbing or massaging the intestines from outside. The inner muscles will be strengthened by this and, as a result, the belly will be flattened.

This abdominal massage has the effect of softening the stomach and improving the intestine’s condition. At the same time, it fixes body misalignment and improves your posture. It also strengthens muscles that are necessary for smooth bowel movements.

This is easy to dot by yourself, so I recommend you to do it regularly. The important point is to be relaxed. After that, just focus on your intestines and rub your stomach.

First, breathe deeply and loosen up. Keep standing and place both of your hands on your navel, then slide your hands side to side.

If you do this while lying down, lie with your back on the floor and your knees bent, and then do the same. Ideally, do this three times a day. If possible, do this while taking a bath as the muscles are looser and it’s more effective.
If you are constipated, push the intestines clockwise in addition to the above-mentioned massage.

The intestinal environment can be greatly affected by your lifestyle and diet. To improve its condition, take digestive enzymes and other ingredients that support digestion.

Finally, eat fermented food for breakfast!


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