“Dieting method that does not hurt the body” is wanted!

September has arrived and there are more autumn-like days on which we may need to put a jacket on.

However, it’s not the season we can care less about our body shapes yet. The average temperature is still hot and majority of people still wear light clothes which do not hide body shapes. I, even as a man, hesitate to show my body shape, so I guess women care more about it.

A white T-shirt and blue jeans look cool even in summer. There are friends who try to make themselves look like Kimutaku, the nickname of a popular actor Takuya Kimura, but sadly, most of them aren’t so successful.

Thanks to the enzymes, I have been able to maintain my body shape fit, but unfortunately my legs aren’t that long so I don’t put them on.

Now, we are getting down to the main subject.

When thinking about diet, many people think about dietary restriction or fasting, and tend to go into an unhealthy diet. But “Enzyme diet” is healthy.

The reason why many people have tried it and many of them recommend it is the method is gentle to our bodies.

Diet methods that harm our bodies are not only burden to us but have higher possibilities of regaining the lost weight. There is nothing good about committing to those methods.

On the other hand, enzymes naturally exist in our bodies, and they are used to maintain our lives. The way of using them for diet may not be the same as their original purposes but they are not bad for health and even have effects of improving the skin condition.

Dietary restriction slows your metabolism, and as a result, body waste will be accumulated in your body. You may be able to lose weight and meet your weight reduction target, but once your lifestyle has got back to the same as before, the success will be gone.

You may have risk to gain more weight than when you started the diet because your physical constitution may have changed, to be fat.

After going through diet after diet, who wants to get this sad result!


“The method that does not slow metabolism” is good.

Enzyme diet prevents regaining the lost weight. Needless to say, we can’t replace all of meals to enzymes, but enzymes greatly support our bodies’ digestive system. We should eat three times a day and discharge the accumulated body waste clearly.

Maintaining successful diet results is the goal of diet. Like the actor Kimutaku, let’s put simple white T-shirt and jeans on and be cool!

Diet is not about reducing weight

“Building fast metabolism” or “Trying to improve eating habits to be fit” – these commitments will change your body constitution, and as a result, you will get a successful diet result. I believe enzymes are the perfect partners for supporting these efforts.

By taking enzymes, your body will efficiently burn fat. In addition, after you have lost weight, you will be able to maintain the slimmed body shape. This is great.

“The method that does not slow metabolism” is “The method you can maintain your health while losing weight”. The functions of digestive organs and blood will be improved and immune system will be strengthened. This enables you to keep your body composition healthy.

Enzyme diet is not only an effective method to lose weight, but also a good beauty treatment. This is like killing three birds with one stone.


“The method that resets the body” is good

“Fasting diet method” has been popular recently. When it’s short, it takes half a day, and when it’s long, it takes for a few days. During the period, we are only allowed to take basic nutrients and water.

I can say the fasting diet method produces fast dieting results, but the nicest thing about this method is we can reset our tired bodies.

Even on fasting, necessary nutrients are taken and we don’t suffer from hunger much. Enzymes are semi-decomposed substances, so they are highly suitable substances to take when you want to rest your organs.

The tip for successful fasting diet is to return to your regular diet slowly. During the fasting period, your organs are taking rest. Therefore, sudden restart will be a too heavy mission for organs. Take a whole day to get back to your normal diet.

If you don’t mind taking time, you can try “meal replacement diet”. You can replace any meals, you can do it every day or you can even skip a day.

You don’t have to go too far, just find something that suits your lifestyle. By not doing something too tough, we will have more chances to continue to make our dieting efforts. My recommendation is, of course, taking enzyme supplements in addition to eat three regular meals a day.

Enzyme diet is something you can easily continue while taking enough nutrients without harming the body.

I have written about other unique diet methods. Please check my blog “No more failed diet! Combination of muscle training and lymph stretching makes a reliable dieting method!”


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