The idealistic dieting method is shifting

Recently I have seen many TV programs featuring overseas’ decisive moments.

I don’t watch meaningless TV programs, but when my favorite baseball team is losing the game miserably, I watch something relaxing instead of throwing and breaking the TV.

While watching those TV programs, I sometimes see very big and fat Americans in those shows.

In U.S., there are hundreds of diet method available – it means there are many obese people. We used to say “How can Americans become that large? Japanese won’t be able to gain weight that much.” Now a days, we, Japanese may be facing the same problem.

Measures against lifestyle diseases has become a serious social issue in Japan – this means the obesity rate in Japan is growing rapidly.

The lifestyle diseases deteriorate your health. Furthermore, to those who are on a diet, the diseases lower your metabolism.

By the way, we witness many new diet methods or “miracle” health foods every year. As a man in the health care business, I am curious about those stuff but some of them are just a joke.

Among those, something related to lactic acid has been popular for a while. Especially, taking it by eating yogurt or fermented food seems good for both beautification and health. I see many foods that contain lactic acid on store shelves.

I think recent diet methods focus more on building beautiful and fit body shapes than just reducing weight. I think this recent trend makes lactic acid a desirable nutrient for dieting.


Fight against metabolism – Lactic acid reduces visceral fat

Metabolic syndrome is what we concern the most among lifestyle diseases. You may have tried to pull in your stomach as much as possible at the time of measuring waist circumference to cheat your actual size.

Luckily, thanks to the miso-derived enzyme supplement, I am free from the metabolic syndrome, however, many of my friends who are in my generation have received warnings at the health check.

Once fat is accumulated around organs, the fat will infiltrate into blood vessels and causes various diseases. This occurs because the accumulated visceral fat breaks intestinal barrier.

Though, it is said that removing the visceral fat is relatively easy. So, don’t be so disappointed and try to get rid of it from now! Ok, I will tell you how to remove the fatty substances from your body.


Fixing the intestinal barrier by the effects of yogurt-derived lactic acid

There are some reports that the lactic acid has an effect of fixing intestinal barrier. The important thing is how to take it.

Once intestinal environment has been normalized, peristalsis of intestines will become active and the metabolism will increase. This is like “to kill two birds with one stone”.
In addition, through taking lactic acid by eating yogurt, the nutrients that have been discharged during the diet can be supplied as well. So, it’s like “to kill three birds with one stone.”

Lactic acid has an effect of increasing good bacteria and reducing bad bacteria. When bad bacteria dominate, body waste will be accumulated in your body that causes constipation or impacted feces, and your will put weight. Furthermore, your blood circulation will be deteriorated and this affects digestion and lowers metabolism.

Considering all these, it seems like taking lactic acid contained in yogurt is more effective than severe dietary restriction.

However, don’t put fruits and syrup in yogurt when eating it. The benefit will be reduced by half. I understand you like it, and so do I. But you need to be patient at this time!

If you don’t like yogurt or don’t really like plain yogurt, try kimuchi, natto or miso instead. You need to be cautious about the amount of salt contained in those ingredients, but low-in-salt products are available now a days. You can also take good lactic acid by eating them.

If you don’t like them all, then take supplements. It’s better to take nutrients through regular diet, but I understand people have preferences in taste or texture.
Those who don’t like all the foods mentioned above, take lactic acid through supplements !


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