Bad intestinal environment disturbs your diet!?

Things you must do to lose weight.

First, do not eat excessive amount of food, and do some exercises. Next, drink enough water to stimulate your intestine movement. Actually, there are nothing else you have to do to lose weight healthily.

In another word, having healthy lifestyle habits is the key.

However, as an adult member of the society, I sometimes have opportunities to attend dinner parties, and to be honest, I look forward to the opportunities and secretly hum to myself when I receive invitations.

Other than dinner parties, I sometimes don’t have time to eat breakfast or lunch due to work. Even though I want my lifestyle to be well-regulated and try to eat regularly, it’s difficult to maintain it.

We all know that unsteady lifestyle affects our bodies and increases body fat percentage. Then we go on a diet – carry out dietary restrictions or try hard exercises.

I know it’s hard!

What is hard is we can’t eat our favorite foods as much as we want, and are required to commit to monotonous exercises. Above all, the mental pressure “I must lose weight” is tough.

I know it’s hard!
When we express the feeling “it’s hard” aloud, it feels that the situation is even tougher.

The truth is that many people haven’t realized the importance of intestinal environment. When your intestinal environment is poor, your diet won’t be successful.
If the intestinal environment is damaged, however hard you may try to lose weight, you will hardly lose it.

Have you ever experienced of being constipated or getting sick while you are on a diet?

The stresses caused by dietary restriction or too much exercises sometimes can be a cause of weight gain. These things occur due to the poor intestinal environment.

It’s scary. It’s really scary.

The food you eat passes through your mouth to stomach, then to duodenums during the digestive process. In the intestines, nutrients necessary to maintain our lives are absorbed and body waste products are discharged.

The small intestines are especially important. If they don’t work efficiently, undigested food will be stored in the small intestines. This is troublesome as the leftovers accumulated in the body will go rotten. As a consequence the bad bacteria in the intestines will increase.


What is the good intestinal environment for diet?

I think you have come to understand the influence of having a poor intestinal environment.

So, what is a good intestinal environment?

First of all, have you ever calculated intake calories while on a diet?

Food contains various nutrients other than calories. Therefore, when you are short of enough nutrients, your brain sends signals to the body to notify that you need to eat more to absorb more nutrients. What will happen next? You will be craving to eat food.

In other words, to get a successful diet result, it’s better not to indulge yourself in extreme dietary restriction, but focus more on your digestion and nutrients absorption.

It’s the intestines that support digestion and nutrients absorption, so creating intestinal environment that supports smooth digestion and nutrients absorption will lead you to a successful diet, and gives you a rebound-free and healthy body.

Improving intestinal environment smoothens digestion and improves nutrients absorption. Then curiously, your brain will become satisfied with smaller amount of food intake even you are on food restriction. As a result, excessive food intake or between-meal snacks will be reduced and you will be able to get a happy dieting result.

I understand you want get a successful dieting result ASAP. However, extreme food restriction may make you sick and that should be prevented. I suggest you to think about your health first, and try improving your intestinal environment.


How to improve my intestinal environment?

In order to improve your intestinal environment, using the power of good bacteria is the best. In our intestines, there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, and both have different roles.

These two different bacteria balance themselves each other in our intestines. When having a good intestinal environment, the number of good bacteria surpasses the bad bacteria.

To express it in a numerical formula, it’s like – good bacteria > bad bacteria.
It’s visibly easy to understand.

Good bacteria produces necessary substances for us to maintain our health. Bifidobacterium, lactic acid, Natto bacillus, yeast fungus or Koji mold are the famous ones.

In addition, good bacteria not only produce vitamins or hormones, but also work on digestion, metabolism and intestinal movement. They are essential for healthy dieting.

Therefore, cultivating the good bacteria that smoothen intestines’ movement is very important as well as maintain them predominant than the bad bacteria.

You know what!

Fermented food is a representative of good nutrients for good bacteria.

Eating fermented food like, natto, miso and yogurt to improve your intestinal environment will lead you to a successful dieting. Furthermore, taking dietary fibers, doing some exercises and having good night sleep improve the environment even more.

Build good intestinal environment for your healthy dieting.

I have written about diet-related articles from different angles. Please check my blog “Promising dieting methods which work on thighs and calves” for your reference.


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