There are people who keep their body thin even though they have a similar diet to me. I used to think that they are just lucky to have a faster metabolism, but then started wondering why they have it and I don’t. I have found out that people who don’t put on weight through eating are the ones who have a fast basal metabolism.

Basal metabolism refers to the basic amount of energy your body requires to maintain bodily functions, and about 70% of the total calories consumed in a day are used for this, even when you are resting. The higher the basal metabolism is, the more the calories are used. You may think of a person you know who is a big eater but stays thin.

However, many of us, including me, are not lucky enough to be able to stay thin when we eat excessive amounts of food. In addition, to make matters worse, basal metabolism gets slower with age. So, I would like to introduce three diet-related tips to improve basal metabolism and gain a fast fat-burning body.


Early bird lifestyle dieting

Here, “Early Bird Lifestyle” does not refer to waking up early, but being active in the morning. This is in order to improve efficiency in many respects. For example, exercising in the morning stimulates the sympathetic nerve system and improves basal metabolism by 10 percent. It also improves blood flow to the brain and, as a consequence, improves work efficiency. Furthermore, there are multiple benefits in addition to weight loss.

I actually swim every morning. Swimming before work improves blood circulation and makes me refreshed and feel good all day. I do feel that this habit sharpens my brain and improves my work efficiency. When I don’t have time to swim due to work or something, I certainly feel different, and therefore, I don’t want to skip this routine at all now. I totally recommend you to do some exercise in the morning.

Having said that, you may find it hard to do some exercise in the morning in reality. But you can walk from home to the nearby station or walk three bus stops instead. At home, try to move with tiptoe steps while cleaning, washing or cooking. Move as if you were a musical actor or actress. If there are people who live in the same house, then it’s better to inform them that you are on a diet. Otherwise, they may give you a weird look! The key factor of improving basal metabolism is your muscle quantity, so it’s important to do some training to maintain it.

Morning is the time our bodies discharge materials digested while sleeping. Taking breakfast before discharging those may cause deterioration to the discharge functions because your body shifts its mode from discharge to digestion. For a constipated person who regularly eats a proper breakfast, this eating habit may cause the deterioration of basal metabolism. Therefore, skipping breakfast or just taking something light, such as miso soup, vegetable soup or fresh fruit juice may be better.


Warming up the body for effective dieting

Trying to warm up your body from the inside is good for dieting. First, have warm meals. Spicy foods that make you sweat are also effective. Chilli peppers and ginger are especially recommended; however, too much chilli is not good. Thermogenic foods increase metabolism so you should consciously take them. Many root vegetables are thermogenic, so eating a pot dish with radishes, carrots, etc. in winter is recommended.

Taking a bath warms you up from the outside and it’s good to do as well as eating thermogenic foods. It’s better to take a bath rather than taking just a shower. Take a half-body bath for more than 20 minutes in warm water between 37 to 40˚C until you start sweating. Blood circulation as well as the flow of lymph is accelerated, and that boosts detoxification effects so the swelling will subside.


Control the amount you consume for dieting

After eating excessive amounts of food at a party etc., you should drink fresh vegetable juice or vegetable soup instead of a big lunch in order to adjust the total calorie consumption in that day. When you expect that you are going to eat a lot in a day, it is better to reduce the amount of food in the previous day in order to control your calorie consumption. However, do not skip the following day’s meals as this causes a sudden rise in the glucose level and, as a consequence, your body will try to collect fat.


Editorial Note

Well, I have introduced three meal-related tips to get a fast metabolism, but many of you may think it’s hard to continue committing to the methods while you are busy with everyday stuff. So, I will tell you what: just burn more calories than you take in. As long as you burn all the calories taken in, you will never get fat. However, there are no magical foods that support digestion and make all the consumed calories disappear. But here, you can find a solution with supplements.
Taking digestive enzyme supplements is an effective solution. There are a variety of digestive enzyme supplements available nowadays, but I recommend ones that have strong digestive power and are derived from natural products, especially the ones derived from glutamic acid, and among them miso is the best.
Our popular product “Nakakirei Enzyme” is derived from miso. Please try it.


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