Swimming works great for losing weight!

Ryoko Hirosue, a successful actress in Japan, was a pop singer when she was younger (she is still young and beautiful, though). She had lyrics such as, “I have been thinking of you since a long time ago”, which she sang in a charming manner. And I recall that she was popular with both men and women.
The word “diet” may bring many to think of dietary restrictions. But that alone won’t you keep going. A healthy diet is of course preferable, and who wants to regain the weight. Therefore, I recommend you to swim.
I have written about a swimming diet before, but I would like to try to review it with a different approach this time.
Moderate exercise is important for a diet. I would say that diets with physical activities that burn energy are the healthiest diets.
When thinking about exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is walking. No special skills are required. You can start exercising by just leaving your house. In addition, it requires no initial cost.
But walking may put a burden on your legs and loins. For those who do not have a chronic disease and have no health issues, walking is not bad exercise, but it may not be good for those who are not used to exercising, or those who have problems with their hips and legs.
For those who have health issues but are eager to lose weight, I recommend swimming. Swimming doesn’t put much pressure on the legs and loins, but it does consume a large amount of energy.
5 seconds to tell you the reasons why I recommend you to swim, let me tell you that I have always been a big fan of swimming pools. I always seemed to like them more than anybody else. Anyway, let me begin…


The first reason why swimming is good for a diet.

Needless to say, we swim under water. Under water, buoyancy works. When you submerge your body in the bath tub at home, your body feels lighter, right? This is buoyancy. In Japanese, the literal translation is ‘the power to float’.
We swim in the swimming pool. Thus, thanks to the buoyancy, the direct pressure on our body is reduced. But at the same time, there is water resistance and this will enable us to burn energy effectively.
This effective energy consumption is the reason why I recommend you to swim. Doing exercise in the swimming pool makes your body fit, and you will see the effects of the diet.
When you get out of the swimming pool, don’t you feel exhausted even though you don’t feel it so much while you are under water? This is because swimming requires a higher level of energy consumption than you may think.
For example, a comparison of an adult female walking or swimming for an hour shows that swimming consumes 5 times more calories than walking.
In addition, swimming using the crawl stroke lets you consume 10 times more energy than walking! The level of energy consumption from swimming is much greater than your body actually feels.


The second reason why swimming is good for a diet.

Another reason is that swimming improves the basal metabolism. Swimming strengthens the muscles called slow muscles. These parts of the body burn fat and as a consequence the basal metabolism is enhanced.
The increase in the quantity of the basal metabolism is an essential factor to avoid rebound. As you know, doing exercise in order to obtain a fat-combustion-effective body is a short cut to a successful diet. Swimming is one of the top ways to create such a body.
Of course, some people prefer weight-training to improve the basal metabolism; however, the muscles that are strengthened by weight-training are mainly fast muscles.
In my case, I wasn’t confident to pursue training such as bench presses or leg presses, and chose swimming as it seemed a promising and fun way to go on a diet. You don’t have to swim a long distance at first, just increase it step by step.
There are swimming pools that have lanes exclusively for walking, so I recommend swimming even more for those people who are not confident with their physical strength. Gaining muscular strength and improving the basal metabolism is the fastest way to get a fast metabolism.


For those who are hesitant to go to swimming pools

When you hear the word “swimming”, you may imagine a swimming pool. Well, it is surely troublesome to go to swimming pools only for exercise.
In addition you will need to change into a swimsuit, (and especially for female), and may also have to remove make up…. I sense your hesitation for sure.
Thinking about myself, firstly I thought it was troublesome. However, don’t you think it’s better to choose the most effective way?
Once you succeed in making swimming a habit, you will no longer feel it a burden. There may be some female persons who worry about people watching by the pool, but everyone goes there just to swim, so there is no need to worry..
People care less about what others look like than you may think. Once you have got used to it, you will be able to relax while swimming, and you will feel refreshed.
There is only one thing you have to do when you swim. Swim straight and slowly with large motions. Just swim within your comfort zone. Prolong the distance little by little, then you will be able to swim using the crawl stroke without having breathing problems..
If you can’t swim, you can walk instead. Walking in the swimming pool consumes more calories than walking on the street.

Anyhow, the first thing you have to do is get used to being surrounded by water. For your health as well, I strongly recommend you to swim. Let’s try!


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