Stiff shoulders – one of the modern diseases

Other than stiff shoulders, aren’t you suffering from back ache or joint pain?

Starting my blog with this topic may make you think I’m an old feeble man.

Even if I’m told such thing (and I’m not so old), I feel pain when I suffer!

I do exercises and stretching to reduce those pain, but I also go to a chiropractor to receive treatment when I feel greater pain. As the chiropractic treatment can be provided only by chiropractitioners who have national qualifications, it works far better than massages.

I have become a friend with a chiropractitioner as I receive his treatment regularly, and he says that some of his clients come to the clinic to have treatments to lose weight. It’s so called “correcting distortion of the pelvis”.

This treatment is not only for women but for men as well – putting stomach and intestines back to the original position by pelvis correction to restore the body to its natural condition. It sounds really healthy.

He also says that recently there are increasing number of women who have tried a “meal-replacement diet”, but failed. I know that “fasting diet” is a recent trend and “one-meal-replacement diet” has been popular for a long time.

I support dieting methods that recommend to lose weight healthily and eat healthy to lose weight, so when I hear about women’s beauty from people who work in different industries, I have mixed feelings.

Therefore, I go against the trend.

I’m going to tell you the three reasons I don’t recommend meal-replacement diet methods.

You may feel uncomfortable to hear it, but as I believe losing weight healthily is most important, I want to tell you my uncompromising opinions on dieting methods.

I would be happy if you support them. I’m telling you that you can be happier and relaxed if you eat three regular meals every day than going on an extreme diet.


The reason #1: Unbalanced diet

Above all other reasons, unbalanced diet is the reason I don’t recommend you to go on a “meal-replacement diet”.

If you have ever tried that kind of methods, I guess you only eat a single item per meal, such as bananas, apples, diet drinks made for fasting or low-calorie food.

This is just one example, but however nutrients-rich bananas or apples are, there are so many other important nutrients that cannot be covered by a single item. In addition, fruits are rich in fructose. The fructose is sugar contained in fruits.

In fact, most fruits are low in calories but are high in sugar. Be careful not to take too much sugar through eating fruits.


The reason #2: Regaining the lost weight

The second reason I don’t recommend the method is regaining of the lost weight.

Everyone who have ever experienced the meal-replacement diet says “Yes, I have lost weight”, but sadly, many of them also say “I have regained the lost weight.”

It’s for sure that the meal-replacement diet gives a successful dieting result.
The reason is simple. It’s because you don’t eat.

Let’s say, you replace three regular meals to single-item meals or fasting meals.

The calorie intake per meal will be reduced from 500 kcal to 200 kcal. The deference is 300 kcal. The number is fascinating.

However, once you finish the meal-replacement diet and restart eating regular meals, your calorie intake will increase. Unless your consumption calories increases – you will gain weight again!


The reason #3: Deterioration of intestinal environment

The third reason I don’t recommend the meal-replacement diet is – it can be a cause of the deterioration of your intestinal environment.

You may say, “Really? I have heard that fasting improves intestinal environment!?”, but wrong ways of doing will damage your intestinal environment.

During the meal-replacement diet period, your body is in a state of fasting. Therefore, the body tries very hard to absorb nutrients when they are taken.

However hard the body works to absorb those taken nutrients there are too little of them to come in from your mouth. As a result the good intestinal bacteria lose their power and are removed from your body in feces.

During the diet period, some may be pleased as “I’m feeling so good! The problem with fecal impaction has gone!”, but what they saw really was not the fecal impaction but just the feces contain the dead good intestinal bacteria…

This is not good for health. Furthermore, increasing the number of intestinal bacteria and improving the intestinal condition take time.

Do you still want to try the meal-replacement diet?

I have written other diet-related articles. Check “Five rules for enzyme dieting beginners” for your information.


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