Are you wondering why I have named fresh water clams and white kidney beans as good diet foods?
Fresh water clams are a well-known hangover remedy, and they are also low in fat. Therefore, it sounds like a perfect diet food. But you may wonder why white kidney beans are related to dieting. I’m going to tell you about that first.


White kidney beans suppress carbohydrate absorption!

Low carbohydrate diets attract the attention of those who want to lose weight. Excessive dieting is strongly discouraged, though. In reality, many rice lovers also love pancakes and octopus balls, which means it is very hard for them to reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake.
To solve this, adding white kidney beans to your daily diet would work well when trying to lose weight. The reason is that phaseolin in white kidney beans suppresses the effect of an enzyme called alpha-amylase that decomposes carbohydrates.


What are the concrete examples of the effects of dieting?

It has been reported that consuming 1g of white kidney bean extract per day reduces your weight and waist size. This is not new information, but I’m going to tell you about the experimental data that was published in England in 2007.
The fact that white kidney beans deter the body from absorbing sugar means they lower the blood glucose level. For those who take drugs that lower the blood glucose level, consuming white kidney beans is good. However, do not cook them with plenty of sugar. Using it as an ingredient of tomato flavored vegetable soup, for example, would be ideal.


Fresh water clams are more than just a hangover remedy!

Fresh water clams are highly nutritious and contain an abundance of wonderful nutrition. Eggs are a well-known complete food, but fresh water clams are as nutritious as eggs and have a good nutrient balance including essential amino acids, etc.
While eating excessive amounts of eggs may cause an increase of the LDL cholesterol level, fresh water clams reduce it. Many of those considering losing weight may have metabolic syndrome, so having fresh water clams is especially good as it purifies the blood at the same time.
Fresh water clams also contain taurine, which brings out flavor, and this protects your liver from alcohol as well as deceasing blood pressure. Thus, fresh water clams are not only a good diet food but highly nutritious.


Try fresh water clam soup – it’s the best!

The most popular way to eat fresh water clams is in miso soup, and of course, there is a reason for this.
The flavor they produce is really tasty and succinic acid absorbed into the soup enhances the flavor. This also has a good effect on the liver.
Fresh water clams are in season in summer and winter, and they contain more succinic acid when in season. They are good for health and tasty – there is nothing more to wish for!
In addition, when boiling fresh water clams, vitamin B complex emerges. Eat the body of fresh water clams as they are high in protein and low in fat. Keep in mind that consuming high-protein food is important even while you are on a diet.


Protect organs when you are on a diet!

Both our body and organs are made of protein.. Not taking in the necessary nutrition and not having a good balance of amino acid causes damage to your health, making your skin wrinkled, making your bones fragile, and weakening the organs. It is important to know that without healthy organs and clean blood, you can’t keep your skin radiant and your body strong, and thus the diet won’t be a success.


Enzyme supplements that support a healthy diet

Now, you may be aware of the benefits of white kidney beans and fresh water clams, but for those who do not have time to cook with these recipes and ingredients, I recommend taking supplements that have strong digestive power, and are high in vitamins and amino acids.
Yes, there is such a convenient supplement.
“Nakakirei Enzyme” contains a highly powerful digestive enzyme in addition to vitamins and amino acids derived from beer yeast. This works wonderfully in your body – just the same as white kidney beans and fresh water clams.

Please try it.


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